Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Review: It’s A Sega Celebration!

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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A celebration of everything Sega!
Like Mario Kart? Then you’ll love this game!

Not enough unlockable content like the console versions
Controls can be tough early on

Review Based On Version 1.0

For a time, when it came to kart racing games with loveable video game mascots it was Mario Kart or nothing. Well the times have changed. Just last year, Sega released Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing on all consoles giving the plumber a run for his money. I currently own the Sega racing gem on my Xbox 360 with all the DLC making it a great hit with my family and friends. Now it’s come to IOS devices and while it’s a bit trimmed down from console versions I can honestly say that the game is still fun.

Now available in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad, Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing brings the console action to your on the go lifestyle. The game is a celebration of everything Sega from the 1980s to today. Being the Sega fan that I am since the old Sega Master System days I would consider this title to be more than just a blast from the past. It’s fast an furious kart racing action that never gets old.

Like I stated earlier, Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing is a trimmed down version of the console versions of the game. Here you’ll find 10 characters including Sonic, Tails, Beat, Ryo Hazuki, and more racing on more than a dozen Sega themed tracks from games like Sonic, Jet Set Radio, Billy Hatcher, and more. Each track is filled with crazy turns, jumps, boosts and obstacles. Just like Mario Kart, each track also features “?” boxes featuring plenty of offensive and defensive weaponry to amp up the action. Each time I would race, it became a battle with rockets and bombs flying everywhere. Of course that was not all. I also had to avoid the traffic cones or another character’s well placed rainbow that would fill up the screen.

If all the weaponry is not enough for you, let me also add that each character also has their own signature “All Star” move if they fell behind in the race. This  allows you to play catch up and take revenge on other racers. Sonic will turn into Super Sonic. Tails will use a tornado, Samba de Amigo on the maracas will start a congo just to name a few. These All Star moves are fun to watch as well as use to your own advantage and definitely seperates this game from the Mario Karts of the world.

Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing has your standard game modes including Single Race, Grand Prix and Mission modes which allow you to gain Sega Miles which allows you to unlock racers, courses to play on and upgrade that Sega license of yours. The better you do, the more miles you get. The game also features online multiplayer which I might add runs really well especially since I live in an area without a great WiFi connection.

While Sonic & Sega All Stars is a lot of fun to play, there are a couple of issues I have with it. One is the lack of unlockable content. I would really like to see more characters and tracks as future DLC. Maybe they can have it locked up so that you have another reason to use those Sega Miles you earn. I also have to get into the controls. I started out with the gyroscope and had a hard time keeping my kart on  the track. I then switched to joystick control and the experience was much simpler as I would gain better results. Either way the controls will take some time getting used to, but once you have it down the game becomes fun again.

While I feel that this is more of a bare bones experience, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing is still a great game. Then again it’s really the only kart racing game on IOS devices. Even if it has a couple of minor issues the game still features all the fun from its console versions. If you like fast and furious kart racing action or just have a love of everything Sega, then I highly recommend getting this game.


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