Tekken Bowl Review: This Free Game Scores A Strike!

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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It’s FREE!
Puzzle mode adds extra challenge

Only three characters to choose from

Review based on Version 1.0

Like most fighting game fans, we’re all eagerly anticipating in hope that the popular fighting game Tekken will arrive on iOS devices. C’mon Namco, we already have Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat to play. When can we all expect some Tekken love? That seems to be the big question. While I ponder the potential possibility Namco Bandai did release something that has to do with Tekken. Unfortunately, it’s not the popular fighting game. It’s actually a bowling game. The best part is that the game is absolutely free of charge and it’s a lot of fun.

Tekken Bowl, Ā now available in the App store for the iPhone and iPad, is a take on the fun minigame from Tekken Tag Tournament. Using popular Tekken characters, you go bowling for the high score or maybe evenĀ go forĀ that perfect game. While it’s not the fighting game we all want, the bowling action howeverĀ is a warm welcome for on-the-go mobile players looking for a quick fix with some Tekken mixed in. Oh by the way, did I mention that this game is free?

Using the touchscreen controls Tekken Bowl lets you select from three fighters (Jin, Xiaoyu, and Panda) and guide their angle and power to throw the ball down the lane and knock down Heihachi-style pins. In the beginning, the controls took a little time getting accustomed to as I missed the pins and didn’t complete sparesĀ making meĀ feel like a total noob. After one game it all became second nature and I started making strikes and spares in no time. What can I say? I’m used to motion control bowling on the iPhone and on Kinect.

Tekken Bowl is more than just bowling. Also added is a puzzle mode which is the game’s biggest challenge so get ready for some happy as well as some hair pulling moments. In puzzleĀ mode, you’ll find pins put up in different formations as well as ramps, TNT, and other obstacles put in your way for you to clear. With 30 challenges to complete, you’ll find that the majority of your time will be spent here as you collect gold, silver, and bronze medals that you’ll need to gain to move on to the next puzzle. This kind of reminds me of Angry Birds dont you think?

For a free game Tekken Bowl has plenty to offer for both single and multiplayer with a friend. However there is one gripe that I must make and it is the lack of characters. With only three characters to choose from it makes the game feel a little shallow in terms of selection, but then again it’s a free game so I can’t complain too much on this. The real positive in this is that Tekken Bowl scores a strike. If you like Tekken and you also like bowling then I suggest downloading this game today.

By the way, how many times did I say this game was FREE!

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