Baseball Superstars 2 Review: Pitching A Mean Curveball

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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Gameplay Is Fun And Addictive
Tons Of Replay Value

Difficult Learning Curve For Simplistic Game
Batting Can Be Frustrating

Review Based on Version 1.0

Baseball Superstars, from Gamevil, was a huge hit for iPhone and iPad players. How do you follow it up? With a sequel of course. Baseball Superstars 2 brings back everything you loved about the first game. With all the greatness of the original game returning I should mention that there are a few issues that hamper the experience just a bit. However, I should also mention that this game is free so don’t let a few technicalities get in the way of the addictive fun that you will have.

When you first start playing Baseball Superstars 2, you’ll think this is just a baseball game. Well it’s more than just baseball. This game also has deep RPG elements that enhance the gameplay in between games. Throughout your experience with the game you’ll be improving your team, acquiring new players, and increase popularity for your team with things like TV exposure. You can even make your players into beastly versions of themselves as they smash balls out of the park or record tons of strikeouts at the mound. No steroids have been used on these players.

Baseball games on consoles and PC have become rather complex throughout the years. I’ve noticed this and it’s turned me off to them. Of course the steroids issue turned me off to actual baseball years ago, but I find myself coming back rather slowly. Baseball Superstars 2 takes the complexity right out of the game and strips it down to it’s most basic elements. That would be pitching, batting, and simplistic fielding. Baseball Superstars 2 brings me back to the old Sega Genesis days of me playing RBI Baseball and World Series Baseball. Those games were all about fun and that is a big plus in my book. Let me go ahead and break it down for you.

When pitching, you get a variety of pitches to choose ranging from the typical fastball, curve, change-up, slider, and sometimes even a unique pitch that can really confuse the batter. You’ll also choose where you want the pitch to go in the strike-zone. It’s that easy! Batting is as simple as swinging away or using a bunt to advance the base runners. Fielding is also pretty simple. There’s no need to run to the ball or catching because all of that is automatic. Pop flys will be caught by the computer. The only thing you’ll control is where to throw the ball. The end result is that the touchscreen controls are brilliant and easy to use which makes this game great for casual players.

With all this said, I should also reveal the game’s biggest crutch which could frustrate players. This is the extremely deep learning curve. Baseball Superstars 2 looks and plays very simplisticly, but this is the type of game where patience is needed. When you play your first few games be prepared to suck at playing. You’ll be striking out at the plate and giving up lots of home runs. While this will frustrate some to the point of deleting the game off your iPhone and iPad, let me just give a word of advice. Practice! Take the time to learn the game. Pitching will be the first aspect you’ll get accustomed to as you change up your pitches and work the strike zone to get that K. Batting will take a bit longer since timing is what you need to learn. Stick with it and you’ll be a virtual Babe Ruth in no time.

Gamevil sure put a lot of effort into Baseball Superstars 2 and the end result pays off with an addictive experience that will keep you playing beyond it’s slight flaws. All I can tell you is that you need to give the game a chance and not dismiss it because your losing game after game by over 10 runs or maybe even 20 runs. All games take time to master and Baseball Superstars 2 is one of them. Besides the game is free so I suggest taking the chance and download this game today.


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