With all the fist bumping negativity about the Kinect finally dying down over the internet I felt like it was time for all of us to have a serious chat. So before we get started go get the next cup of coffee, bottled water, or even that big can of energy drink you like to chug down and belch out later. Let’s talk about Microsoft’s latest add-on. Let’s talk about motion control gaming. Most importantly let’s answer the burning question of why you so-called “core gamers” think Microsoft abandoned you.

It was only a couple of years ago that Microsoft announced at the time Project Natal. At E3 2009 we all basked in the glory of what would soon be known as Kinect. People flooded the internet with stories of Microsoft being called Skynet and that our Xbox 360s would become “self-aware.” Back then we¬†all loved the idea of motion control gaming except this time it would be without a controller. Hands free! What a great idea. The Kinect was a big step up from the Nintendo Wii. Now the Kinect has been around for almost a year and most people want to bash it and say it sucks. What happened? Maybe it’s because you saw this and thought about not wanting to look like¬†these people.

I feel sorry for the kids 

OK, so these people have no rhythm whatsoever¬†and¬†their kids are wondering why¬†their parents have¬†gone retarded. In a way I¬†get your point, but lets put all the arm flailing, fist bumping and¬†retard looking moments away and concentrate on what the Kinect really is. It’s a great add-on that’s fun for the whole family. Now what’s so bad about that? At one time, I wasn’t really that impressed with the Kinect early on. After a few months it¬†started to grow on me¬†and I decided to purchase it. Today I’m here to say that I love Kinect. It’s a lot of fun with family gatherings and my niece and nephew¬†love¬†it. Personally, I get a lot of enjoyment out of it and look forward to future releases.

So what are¬†the main complaints here with Kinect? Most of them center around the fact that you¬†all think that¬†the Kinect only appeals to kids. So let me get this straight. Just like WWE Superstar John Cena, the Kinect only appeals to those under the age of 12. OK, I can sort of understand what your saying. Some of the games released are kind of “kiddie”¬†including Kinectimals, Joyride and Kinect Adventures. However, there are other titles out there coming soon that are more “Mature” rated like horror filled Rise of Nightmares and the brawler game Ryse. Kiddie games are always going to be around, but understand that not everything on Kinect¬†is centered¬†towards children.

Aww…How¬†cute. Only on Kinect can¬†this tiger be this cuddly. In the real world I’ll eat your ass.¬†

Another complaint comes around the fact that all the Kinect games suck. Well lets take a look at that. Kinect Sports is a fun game even though it’s a ripoff of Wii Sports. UFC Personal Trainer is a great training program guaranteed to give you a workout as well as make you sweat. Child of Eden is great for all the Rez fans out there (you can also play it with a controller). Let’s also not forget about the megahit Dance Central from Harmonix¬†which also brings in non gamers just like Rock Band did. These games are all really good titles.¬†I will agree to an extent that the majority of launch¬†games were pretty bad like Fighters Uncaged and a host of others, but the library is getting better with upcoming¬†titles like The Gunstringer and Fruit Ninja Kinect.

What really gets under my skin is the fact that you hardcore gamers feel that Microsoft abandoned you because of Kinect. Now you want to get rid of your Xbox 360 because of it? That’s just plain stupid. Last time I checked Microsoft has some upcoming releases including Gears of War 3, Halo 4, Battlefield 3, Forza Motorsport 4, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and more. Show me where Microsoft abandoned you because from where I’m sitting I just don’t see it. Maybe what you don’t like is the fact that Microsoft is expanding their audience beyond the hardcore to bring entertainment to everyone. There’s nothing wrong with that. Besides not everything has to be Call of Duty.

Marcus Fenix says¬†“I’m still hardcore! You don’t need Kinect to be a badass like me!”

Like any new add-on for consoles time is needed for something to get better. Remember that Microsoft spent a lot of money in advertising on Kinect and they’re going to do everything possible to make it succeed. So far they have. Keep in mind that not all games will feature Kinect. Some games will only have some Kinect features like the head movement in the cars of Forza 4 and the Gunsmith mode in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. You don’t have to have Kinect to enjoy those games. They’re just as much fun without it.

I will have to admit that this feels more like a rant. In a way it is, but it also serves a message to those who don’t want to give the Kinect a chance and chuck it before it becomes successful. Keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, you should also know that just because you tried out Kinect for less than five minutes at your local Best Buy does not give you the right to formulate an opinion on whether something is good or it sucks.

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