Lootfest Review: A Short, But Fun 3D Dot Heroes Adventure

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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Looks and Plays Like 3D Dot Heroes on PS3
Fun Gameplay

Very Short Game
Not Much “Loot” for a Game Called Lootfest

If I only had a Playstation 3 I would enjoy the game called 3D Dot Hereos. That Legend of Zelda clone is a ton of nostalgic fun. Of course I don’t have a PS3 so I play to the next best thing…Golden Axe Warrior on my Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection disc (a great game by the way). Now there is Lootfest, from Gamefarm, on Xbox Live Indie Games. It looks like 3D Dot Heroes. It plays like 3D Dot Heroes. However, it doesn’t have all the content or depth of 3D Dot Heroes. The good news is that for the price of only 80 Microsoft Points ($1.00) it’s all the 3D Dot Heroes I need.

Those of you that have played 3D Dot Heroes on PS3 will notice quite a few similarities here with Lootfest. The game’s look is emulated very well with all it’s pixelated blocks giving the game that old-school retro design. Also the hero looks just like the PS3 counterpart. You’ll also get a customization menu thrown in to change a few options on your character. I decided to make my character look like Link and it’s pretty close with the limited options you get to choose from.

The game begins with our child hero and his pedophile grandpa. Seriously, I’m not kidding. This old dude can be pretty weird. I don’t know about you, but most kids would want to avoid the weird old guy who’s conversations include offering you candy and wanting you to sit on his lap. Anyways, it’s time for you to partake on a quest to destroy three evil bosses and gain a king size reward for your efforts. Armed with your trusty shortsword, and your pixelated 3D Dot wits, you’ll take on various enemies while collecting loot including coins, fruit and arrows for a bow you don’t have yet. To acquire a bow you must buy it at the store (this is also told in the instructions). There’s also a shield available as well which becomes really helpful later in the game.

Throughout the relatively short adventure, Lootfest doesn’t offer much in terms of content or even loot. There are only three swords, three shields, and three bows. Add on to the fact that there are also only three bosses makes the “rule of three” work very well with this game. Speaking of three, you can also have up to three of your friends join you for some splitscreen local multiplayer making the quest even easier than it already is. Even though the game is pretty simple, Lootfest is still a fun game to play.

It may not have everything that 3D Dot Heroes has, but Lootfest packs in quite a bit for the cheap price. While the quest is very short the game does have some replay value to it making it ideal for those short periods in between bigger games. Overall, I would recommend Lootfest for anyone who likes 3D Dot Heroes, Zelda games and anyone who’s looking for a quick fix of fun. Now where’s that old guy with my candy?

On a personal note: With all the times I mentioned 3D Dot Heroes maybe it’s time I buy a Playstation 3 already and get that game.


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