Fruit Ninja Kinect Review: Mobile Greatness Amplified By Kinect

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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Everything you love about the mobile game is here.
Kinect tracking and sensitivity is spot on.

When your about to break your high score and you accidently slash a bomb!

The game made famous on mobile phones has made it’s way to Xbox Live Arcade. Fruit Ninja, now with Kinect, takes the hacking and slashing of fruit and adds the flailing of your arms to the mix making an awesome game even better. Slashing fruit will never be the same again now that Fruit Ninja Kinect is on the scene. Personally, I was going to wait until the release of The Gunstringer and get the game for free. However, there’s something about Fruit Ninja that got me hooked while playing the demo and I ended up making the impulse purchase. Just for that…all fruit must now face my flailing blade of flesh!

Fruit Ninja Kinect, from Halfbrick Studios, takes everything you love from your mobile phone and puts it in high definition on yout big screen TV. Seriously, I mean everything because this version looks and feels exactly like the mobile versions. Every game mode and award is here. The only real difference is that your no longer using your fingers. Your arms are now the blades. You’ll also notice your shadow in the background as the Kinect will track all your movements. A job which the Kinect does very well.

Now I don’t think that there needs to be an explanation on how to play Fruit Ninja. Everyone should know how to play this game by now. However, for those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so here’s a quick tutorial. The idea is to slash fruit (with your arms) as they fly up on to the screen. Sounds easy right? Well it is! As your slashing away you may want to watch out for that bomb popping up right about…now. Avoid that smoking ball at all costs or else it could cost you either ten points in Arcade mode or Game Over in Classic Mode. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Now that you know that slashing everything other than that…bomb is the name of the game. Fruit Ninja also offers plenty of bonuses both in the game as well as in the Dojo. In the game you’ll find special fruit which still taste the same yet look a little odd. Certain bananas will fly across the screen yielding freeze time and even a frenzy blitz which will fill the screen with juicy goodness splashed on the wall as well racking up some sweet combo bonuses. There’s even a special fruit that you can hack at for a few seconds for an added bonus as well. Check out the Dojo where you can change up look of the game with some sweet bonuses that you unlock from playing including new blade effects, backgrounds and music. Let’s also not forget the fact that you can also unlock achievements and avatar awards. It’s safe to assume that Fruit Ninja Kinect will keep you pretty busy. Yes, it’s that addictive.

Fruit Ninja Kinect is also not without multiplayer support. The game includes same screen local multiplayer which will have you slashing fruit everywhere, and maybe taking a cheap shot at your friends once in awhile since you’ll both be standing so close to each other. With all the trash talking going on when your friend thrashes your high score a little shot to the juggular is definitely within reason. Sadly, there’s no Xbox Live multiplayer support so the only thing you’ll be competing with your friends online will be in the leaderboards. There is however a Challenge mode where you can take on your online bud’s hard earned high score and beat it making them sweat a little harder next time as they try to regain their glory.

Overall, Fruit Ninja Kinect classifies itself as a sweat inducing, stress relieving, award winning, trash talking and local cheap shot taking fun time. Most importantly it’s a great game for parties and family get togethers. Kids will love the game too. Just remember to wash your hands when you done.

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