Parasitus: Ninja Zero Review: A Challenging Game With Metroidvania Appeal!

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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Visuals Look Fantastic

Difficult Gameplay Could Turn Off Casual Gamers
Not Much Replay Value Past The Initial Playthrough

OK, when I first saw Parasitus: Ninja Zero on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace I decided to give the game a try. The game led me in with it’s cool visuals that reminded me of the old school Castlevania games. After the download I jumped right in to the game and that’s when things slightly changed. What I first thought was a Castlevania type of game was for not. However, what I did find was a game that old-school purists like myself would find extremely challenging and slghtly enjoyable.

Parasitus: Ninja Zero, from Heart Attack Machine, is the type of game that conjures up old-school memories. The 2D presentation is in Metroidvania style, however don’t expect branching paths or a giant castle. I should mention that one of the levels is called “Castle.” The platforming game is rather linear in nature as the game moves from scene to scene just like classic Castlevanias and Metroids did. I have to commend Heart Attack Machine for their nostalgic Sega Genesis style presentation because it looks great.

Let’s get right onto the game itself because we’re now at the point of the review where some gamers might not like what they read. Casual gamers be warned. Parasitus: Ninja Zero is a very difficult game. Sure it’s a platformer and it’s got combo driven combat mechanics. However, this is a game that can frustrate you even on the easiest difficulty setting. If I had to find a similar game to comapre this to then I would say that Parasitus: Ninja Zero is reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden. You want to talk about a difficult game then play that the games in that series.

Each of Parasitus’ five levels are chock filled with enemies to fight. Some will look very familiar to games of the past. The combat mechanics are very combo driven in games like Devil May Cry and God of War. As you slay enemies the game will reward you with new combos in your arsenal to use. While this all sounds rather easy there is a catch. One of those catches would be the enemies themselves. Some of them move at a specific pattern so you can be in the middle of an awesome combo only to have it ruined by an enemy swooping in from the air. The other catch is when you die. You better get used to this because your going to die alot. The game also doesn’t have a save system so when you lose all your lives your newly acquired combos go along with it. Starting a new game is just like starting all over again.

Once you trudge your way through the game’s five levels of frustrating mayhem, you’ll begin to question yourself whether Parasitus is worth another playthrough. Some of you (myself included) that are accustomed to the difficult old-school style of games like Mega Man, Shinobi and the previously mentioned Ninja Gaiden will eagerly say yes. Others that may be used to things like regenerating health might quickly hit the delete option as soon as their finished and never want to return. The only replay value option to this game is trying to beat your high score and thats it.

Overall, Parasitus: NInja Zero is a challenging game with an old-school appeal. Your either going to love the game of your going to hate it. A good suggestion would be to play the free ten minute demo before making any purchase.

  1. Red says:

    bro theres an update out now, makes game a breeze

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