Gun Bros Review: A Fun Game With Guns…Lots Of Guns!

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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A Great Twin Stick Shooter
Highly Addictive Gameplay

The Game Could Get Expensive If You Want The Bigger Guns

Review Based On Version 2.1

The game may have been out for awhile, but this is the first time I found out about Gun Bros. After spending a few hours with the game the first thing that came into mind was the scene in The Matrix with Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss when Neo said “I need guns. Lots of guns.” Well that’s what this game features best. It’s also a great twin stick shooter as well.

Gun Bros, a free app from Glu Mobile, is a game that features two basic concepts. Shooting and upgrading. Now guess which one you’ll be spending the most time in. Obviously, that would be in the shop checking out all the cool upgrades. There are some awesome guns to use, but they all come at a pretty steep price. Of course to get all the upgrades you need to play the game, or you can cheat by spending some of your hard earned cash to gain lots of coins as well as the type of virtual money that folds.

Besides the upgrade shop, let’s get into the gameplay itself. Gun Bros plays out like your typical twin stick shooter that you’ve been playing for years. Seriously, I’ve been playing this genre since Robotron in the arcades. Do I ever get tired of it. Hell no! When you start playing Gun Bros for this first time your equipped with a pair of handguns. The enemies will start out as rather simple to take down, but as you progress you’ll realize that upgrades are greatly needed because the enemies get much bigger and more menacing as they laugh at your puny peashooter. The good news is that you’ll grow a little stronger in between the endless amounts of time you’ll be playing the game by gaining XP and leveling up.

So the big question your all asking is how do you get all those awesome guns? Well you must earn what is called “explodium.” What starts out as a basic raw material ends up becoming the currency in Gun Bros. As you complete levels you’ll gain explodium, but to grind it into gold you’ll need to make a choice. You can choose to make the quick choice and grind gold instantly to go shopping or you can choose to wait from 10 minutes for a little extra gold up to 72 hours for maximum results. It all comes down to how much you want to put into the game. Gold is not the only item that you can acquire. You’ll also find some of the folding type with war bucks which come in handy when you want some of the bigger, higher damage items for when you really want to kick some ass.

Let me tell you that if your looking for a highly addictive game on your iPhone and iPad, then look not further then Gun Bros. This game will literally suck your life away as you shoot and upgrade all day or even all night which is great for the short term gamers on-the-go to the complete insomniacs. The best part of Gun Bros is that there are constant updates so keeping up can be tough, but when you buy a kick ass gun and shred through enemies like butter then it’s safe to assume that your endless grinding was well worth it. I’ve been playing Gun Bros for weeks and I’m here to tell you that I’m completely hooked. It’s even got to the point of having other people telling me to get off my iPhone. Maybe a good tip would be to plan some time around playing Gun Bros.

For a free game you can’t go wrong with Gun Bros. There’s plenty of content in the virtual upgrade store to keep you busy, but it all comes down to how much you want to put into the game. Let’s also not forget that this is also a fun twin stick shooter with superb touchscreen controls and extremely addictive gameplay. Download this game today!


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