Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review: Wiping Out Commie Bastards ’80s Style

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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A fantastic representation of everything ’80s
The Commando

Needs more levels

Remember the ’80s? Well I’m sure that some of you still do. The days where we played with G.I. Joe characters and army men and used to create full scale war in our rooms. We used everything we could find to create to make the epic battles. Ahh…those were the days and they sure were fun. Now Signal Studios has brought back those childhood memories once again and this time we get to once again wipe out those Commie bastards once and for all. The war we’ve created in our rooms for years has come to life in Toy Soldiers: Cold War.

Just like last year’s release of Toy Soldiers, Cold War uses the same blend of tower defense and action to wage a more modern war between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. complete with plenty of ’80s nostalgia including boom boxes and even a Rubik’s Cube. All the battles are played out in typical tower defense style with waves starting with your basic grunt soldiers all the way to tanks and fighter jets. Your mission is to place turrets in key locations to eliminate the Commies from reaching your toybox. These turrets range from machine guns, anti-air and anti-tank units, and makshift weapons like a flamethrower made from an aerosol can. Not only do you place turrets on the battlefield you also get repair and upgrade them. The best part of the turrets is that you can step into the controls and destroy the enemy by yourself making this game more fun and entertaining.

Turrets are not the only items you have on the battlefield. Success will lead you to other key items like vehicles. You’ll get to use tanks, APCs, attack helicopters, and even a F-14 Tomcat just like in Top Gun. I even conjured up some Top Gun fantasises by pretending to be Maverick saying “Talk to me Goose” and requesting to do a fly-by at the tower screaming out “Great Balls of Fire!” These toy vehicles are nearly indestructible except they all have one key weakness…batteries. as you use these vehicles the battery life is draining away. The good news is that there are batteries spread out on the battlefield for you to acquire to keep you in your vehicle a little longer, or at least make it back to the charge pad.

Also playing a role on the battlefield are Call of Duty style killstreaks where you can call in an air strike, nuclear missiles, and even Rambo. Yes, I said Rambo! Get a high enough killstreak and you can send “The Commando” into the battle. He’ll come right out of a G.I. Joe style action figure package and kick some ass all while sounding like Sylvester Stallone and carrying a M-60 and a bazooka. This happens to be my favorite part of the game because I can’t help but laugh as The Commando will literally destroy everything in his path while saying lines like “You wanted a war? You got a war!” and the all too familiar Rambo yell. Just him alone makes this game awesome.If you play as the Russians in multiplayer you get a Russian commando. My question is if he sounds like Dolph Lundgren from Red Scorpion?

Along with the main campaign, Toy Soldiers: Cold War offers much more than last year’s game. The Survival Mode makes a return once again which will have you playing wave after wave of enemies just like the campaign except in greater variety and difficulty. New to the Toy Soldiers is the minigames which will have you taking on various challenges to compete for the high score. The minigames are fun to play and will also give you some extra practice in using the turrets. There’s even a minigame stage called “Flyswatter” that fans of Earth Defense Force will love as well as have you shouting out EDF! EDF!

While playing Toy Soldiers: Cold War in single-player is a lot of fun, multiplayer however is where this game truly shines. Cold War is playable both locally on split screen or on Xbox Live with a friend or complete stranger. There’s the co-op mode where you can tackle each of the stages in the campaign together. There’s also a versus mode where one player plays as the U.S. forces and another player plays as the U.S.S.R. Each player can commandeer turret points as well as command troops and vehicles all in a mission to get to the opposing players toybox. Multiplayer is a real blast to play and help keeps the fun rollling even after finishing the campaign multiple times.

Throughout my time playing Toy Soldiers: Cold War I couldn’t help but notice how much fun I was having. It was almost like I was a kid again as I would act out the trials of war in my room in the old days. The gameplay is fantastic and very addictive. Even after finishing a level I wanted to go back just to beat the high score as well as plying on the higher difficulties. Replay value won’t be a problem here because this game offers plenty to keep you busy for a long time. The only problem I have with the game is that there are only 11 levels. I wish there was more levels to play on, but I’m sure that will be handled with DLC. I have plenty of great ideas on what I would love to see as future DLC and I’ll reveal them at a later date.

I can see why Toy Soldiers: Cold War was the last release for the 2011 edition of Summer of Arcade. It’s clearly the best game of the bunch. Clearing out the Commies never felt this good. Toy Soldiers: Cold War is a blast from the past that is welcomed by all gamers whether they grew up in the ’80s or at a later date. All the ’80s references are well used in this game, and I’m pretty sure that some of them that are not in the original release could make the DLC so keep a look out for them. Overall, I highly suggest everyone downloading Toy Soldiers: Cold War right now!

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