Raventhorne Review: A Shallow Tale of Revenge

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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Excellent Audio and Visuals

Game Is Surprisingly Short
No Boss Battles

With the Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising now underway, the release of Raventhorne had me stoked. From the epic trailer I saw weeks ago I had the thoughts of a 2D side scrolling version of God of War except with Vikings. How awesome would that be? Well maybe my expectations were a little too high because the end result was sort of a letdown. While that might disappoint some let me assure you that the game is not all that bad because it does have some good positives. However this is a game that will have you wanting more, but it just won’t happen.

Raventhorne, from Milkstone Studios, is an epic tale of revenge. A tale that features a fallen Norse warrior with no recent memory. With revenge on his mind our hero sets out on a quest to destroy all who stand before him. A good tip for enemies would be to get out of the way because death is coming. However, it seems that they didn’t get the message, because our Norse hero will hack, slash and use magic to right the wrongs. Just don’t expect Thor.

If there’s one thing that Raventhorne does well it has to be the graphical presentation. It’s absolutely amazing! You’ll find plenty of detail used in the characters as well as the backgrounds. You can really tell that a lot of time was spent here. The combat also features plenty of blood for those thirsty for the thick red goodness that will splatter on the screen. Not only is the graphics top notch, but the audio makes you feel like your part of the action. It keeps with the mood of the game making combat moments even more entertaining then they already are.

Speaking of combat, Raventhorne will keep you busy with the standard hack and slash style gameplay. Although this style can get rather repetitive the game does use magic to help break up the endless monotony that could take place. Magic use does come at a price though. why I say this is because I found myself open to enemy attacks when about to unleash my Norse fury. While that part sucks, the good news in all of this is that with all your kills comes experience which will continue to build as you grind through the short game. Wait a second! It’s a short game? Yes, you heard me right. Raventhorne is short on levels and gameplay, but the good news is that you can keep playing those levels as much as you want before suffering from eventual boredom.

With all the time that I was playing Raventhorne I noticed that one thing was greatly missing. With any action/adventure game of this nature you would think that there would be some overwhelming boss fights mixed in. Sadly, my thoughts of giant epic boss battles were quickly dashed. Sure you can wipe out waves of enemies, but the omittance of some giant tyrant to fight left an emptiness in my cold heart. How disappointing.

Raventhorne is a game filled with plenty of promise, but fails to deliver the meat making me wonder where the main course is at. Is there a sequel in the midst that I don’t know about? Well the open ending would assume so. In the long run, Raventhorne was a game that left me wanting more, but never showed up. Sadly, it takes more than just good graphics to make an amazing game. Also maybe nextime I shouldn’t have such high expectations.

A big thank you goes out to Alejandro Gonzalez of Milkstone Studios for providing me with a review code for the game. Thanks again Alejandro! BH

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