The Gunstringer Review: The Wildest Game In The Old West

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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Works Brilliantly With Kinect
Story Is Well Told And Full Of Humor

Game Is Short In Length For A Retail Game

The Gunstringer. Powered by Beard, and performed in front of a live FMV audience. (FMV meaning “Full Motion Video” for all our non technical folks in the audience).

Twisted Pixel delivers once again this time with a tale of revenge starring an unlikely hero in the Old West. A marionette on strings with a pair of six shooters to boot all controlled by you with Kinect. With that said I can hear the sounds of the Kinect bashers in the distance ready to dish out their hate. However, for the rest of you still on the shelf deciding whether to make the purchase of Microsoft’s add-on, well The Gunstringer will make that decision easy for you because this is the wildest game in the Old West, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to boot!

Our legendary tale begins with the return of our hero from the clutches of death as he rises from the grave. No time to reminisce on how you got back from six feet deep. You have a job to do and revenge on the brain. Time to grab those six shooters of yours because the enemy is on it’s way, and their out to make sure you return to the pile of dirt in the desert…permanently!

As you play The Gunstringer you’ll notice that this is not your ordinary run of the mill Kinect game. There’s no dancing or other goofy and awkward movements to perform making you look like a retard in front of your friends. Better yet, you don’t even need to stand up to play this game. The Gunstringer works well with you on the couch making you feel comfortable while dishing out justice in your own unique way. What really makes The Gunstringer different from all the other Kinect games out there is the fact that your not always doing the same thing over and over. Each level changes the pace of movements to perform keeping the gameplay fresh and entertaining.

So what kind of movements will you perform? Well for on thing there’s the movement of your hands in the upward position to do things like jumping. You’ll even use your hand to move across the screen looking for targets to shoot. When you have them in your sights you perform that six shooter movement with your hands to shoot enemies and leave them to the buzzards to fight over. Hell, just for shits and giggles why not form a pair of guns with your hands for that added authenticity. Sure finger shooters may look kiddie and dumb, but who cares! It really just adds to the style and humor of the game so have fun with it will ya!

Gameplay aside, what really makes The Gunstringer stand out is it’s presentation. Graphically, the game is well done giving that Old West feel especially with the tumbleweeds blowing in the distance. I also have commend the crew at Twisted Pixel as they show off their brand of humor with it’s wild cast of charactrers that will have you laughing while shooting. The best parts have to come from the narrator who has that grizzly Old West vibe coming from him as he tells the story. If you thought Bastion’s narrator was good, then I suggest The Gunstringer’s narrator because he’s awesome. Finally, I also want to mention the live FMV audience. This is a real treat as the game will break from times to catch glimses from the audience as they ooh, aah, and laugh at your performance. They’ll even boo you if you start to screw up or even worse…die. I absolutely love the audience reaction because it gives The Gunstringer a real sense of character.

While The Gunstringer is a great game, there is one area of concern. That would be the game’s length. This seems to be a growing trend with Kinect based games because they tend to be on the short side. This angers some gamers out there who may not be willing to shell out full retail price for a game. Well the good news is that not only do you get the main game, there’s free DLC (that’s Downloadable Content for those of you in the audience who don’t understand the lingo). The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles which is a live action throwback to old school light gun games in the arcades like Mad Dog McCree which is really fun to play. Also to add on to the fun is a free download code for Fruit Ninja Kinect which is another awesome game.

Overall, The Gunstringer is not only a game that has lived up to it’s hype, but it’s also the first real reason why you should own a Kinect. The game is fun, humorous, and full of action all controlled by your movements. Let’s also not forget about all the free loot you get as well. Also don’t feel embarassed by using the finger shooters, use them just like you did as a kid. It’s all in good fun. With all that said, I suggest you run to your favorite game store and buy The Gunstringer right now!

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