NFL Blitz Review: The Same ‘Ol Blitz But Better

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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Everything you love about NFL Blitz back in the day is back again
Elite League is awesome

No Late Hits! WTF!
Why is Elite League online only?
Rage Quitting Opponents

Back in the late ’90s NBA Jam was at it’s peak. I always enjoyed the jam session both in the arcades as well as at home on my consoles. While jamming the ball in someone’s face hearing “Boomshakalaka!” is fun, my heart really longed for some hard hitting arcade over the top football. Madden was just not enough for me. Midway then brought NFL Blitz to the masses and the rest was history. While the game was on hiatus in the past few years since the ridiculous Blitz The League, EA Sports has revived the classic game of the past on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.

With the NFL license comfortably in EA’s careful hands, they decided to bring back what fans so desperately wanted…NFL Blitz. A couple of my favorite plays like “Hurricane” and “Da Bomb” are once again dominating my offensive playbook along with the hard hitting defense and endless amounts of body slams and other after the play…wait a minute! Where’s the after the whistle action? I feel like I’ve been robbed EA! Oh well, no big deal (actually it is). I won’t harp on it anymore (yes I will). NFL Blitz is perfectly alright without all the extra shenanigans going on (no it’s not). With all that said, a word to the wise for the good folks at EA Sports: Blitz is not Madden! We want our extracurricular activities after the whistle! Late hits is what helped make this game fun! <cue the applause>

While this new version of the old Blitz brings back more of the same (which is a good thing) there are some new modes that help keep the aging formula fresh and exciting. Let’s take the example of Blitz Gauntlet. This ladder style game mode let’s you take on teams made up of lions, robots, and a slew of other mascot style teams just to add on the over the top formula. I’m ok with this, but part of me would rather have some sort of season mode instead. The good news is that winning games in the Gauntlet will net you bonus codes that you can enter in pre-game. Remember the Big Heads and other hilarious options? Well their all back for another round. Besides this wouldn’t be Blitz without all the hilarious features that make the game what it is.

New to NFL Blitz is Elite League. Those familiar with Madden’s Ultimate Team will feel right at home with this game mode. Honestly, your going to spend more time here then with anything else. Just like Ultimate Team you’ll start out with a starter deck of cards which is used to assemble your team. As you play Blitz online you’ll accrue Blitz Bucks that you can use to purchase new packs with more players to strengthen your team. Continue to play online and keep earning those bucks because you may unlock some legendary players as well as other bonuses. Now Elite League is a great mode, but the only problem I have has to so with only gaining Blitz Bucks online. What about players who play offline? What happens when the online community dies off? Then what? Just a thought.

Now everyone and their mother knows that a single player fans can only go so far. NFL Blitz was made for multiplayer and nothing spells fun better than scoring touchdowns and talking trash between friends. NFL Blitz features both local and online multiplayer so that the you can enjoy the thrill of victory and the agony of suckitude all from the comfort of your home. Multiplayer is great, but I have to comment on all the quitters out there. Rage quitting is for losers. Are you a loser? Please take a word of advice. If your getting your ass kicked royally in a game…stick it out to the end. Sadly, no matter what game you play the rage quitter still clouds the fun.

NFL Blitz is still the same smash mouth, in your face, trash talking, hard hitting, arcade style, over the top mayhem ever since it’s inception. Of course it also includes all it’s flaws like rubber band AI to keep games closer than they really are and now no late hits (still ranting on this). With that said the game is still fun and the $15 asking price should make NFL Blitz a no-brainer purchase. See you online, and no rage quitting when I beat you!


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