Grand Theft Auto 3 Review: Ten Years Later…Still Fun To Break The Law

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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Game looks great on the iPhone/iPad
Liberty City is still fun to explore even ten years later
Breaking the law
The fun moments that take place when picking up a hooker

A lot of buttons on the screen can make things confusing

Review based on Version 1.0

If there was one game that dominated my time on my Playstation 2 it was Grand Theft Auto 3. Although I’ve never played the earlier games in the series this one drew be right in with it’s vibrant 3D world full of life and violent activity. I would spend hours and hours beating and shooting random people as well as taking on the law just to see how long I could survive. Let’s also not forget about the hookers I would pick up to refill my life gauge only to beat then and take my money back later. Ahh the memories.

Celebrating it’s tenth anniversary, Grand Theft Auto 3 makes a triumphant return except this time it’s been ported to a much smaller screen. Who would’ve thought that I would be playing this game on the iPhone. Now available in the app store, Grand Theft Auto 3 jam packs everything we loved on consoles on to the iOS devices. At first I questioned whether this game would really work, but I quickly changed my tune when I started playing. This game is awesome. Now I’m breaking the law once again and having lots of fun doing it. Now where’s that tank?

Grand Theft Auto 3 is more than just breaking the law in a 3D world. It was about an entertaining story of revenge, featuring a silent protagonist, after being betrayed by your crew. It was about exploring the vastness of Liberty City and maybe find a few hidden packages in the process. It was about taking on odd jobs like taxicab driving, being a firefighter, a street racer, or even rampaging against street gangs. The possibilities are endless. Liberty City was just a giant urban sandbox allowing you to do whatever you wanted and it’s a lot of fun.

Other than the gameplay, Grand Theft Auto 3 also has an amazing soundtrack. A good tip off you all is to just drive around he city and listen to the radio stations. Here you’ll find a wide variety of music to jam to along with some great DJs adding their brand of humor. My personal favorites include Flashback 95.6 which features tracks from the film Scarface and Chatterbox FM with Lazlow. Of course there are times where I just like to have the radio off and have a song playing in my head like “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest. It just seems so fitting when chased by the cops in this game.

If there is any issue that I have when it comes to the greatness that is Grand Theft Auto 3 it would have to do with the touchscreen controls. Ten years ago on the Playstation 2 there was a button for everything you wanted to do in the game. From running down the street, opening doors, and even shooting every button had an assignment. Looking at the screen, there are so many buttons cluttered around making your fingers close up a nice chunk of the screen which at times could make the difference between life and death. This can make things rather confusing, but the good news is that the touchscreen responsiveness is phenomenal making the gameplay brilliant.

Grand Theft Auto 3 is a return to greatness for a lot of players who played this game back in the day. There was no annoying cousins calling you to go bowling like in GTA IV. It was about letting yourself go wild and doing whatever you wanted to do. You want to jack cars? Go for it. Want to shoot up the city streets? Sounds lile a blast. Want to bang hookers? Be my guest. The car may be a rocking but all the two virtual characters are doing is sitting while the chick moans in excitement which is really funny. Grand Theft Auto 3 is definitely a must download for anyone looking for a good time on your iPhone and iPad. Now if Rockstar can only release a version on Xbox Live Arcade with achievements. Better yet, how about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


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