Midway Arcade Review: What Microsoft’s Game Room Should Have Been

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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All the classic Midway arcade games in one collection
Future DLC for more games

Some of the games look really dated
Spy Hunter and APB gyroscope controls don’t work very well
The air hockey game kinda sucks

Review based on Version 1.0

When I saw Midway Arcade available in the App Store I knew immediately that this was an instant buy. Classic Midway arcade games from the ’80s and the ’90s for me was what I grew up with. Who wouldn’t want something like this? Ok, maybe all the retro haters out there. However, for everyone else it’s almost a no-brainer purchase. The big question on everyone’s minds is wondering how well the translation works on the iPhone and iPad. That answer is more of a hit and miss depending upon what game(s) you like.

Midway Arcade, from WB Games, is a collection of arcade classics from the past for you to enjoy. I know this has been done before on practically every game console known to man. Although it hasn’t really been done on iOS devices. Retro games now with touchscreen controls…challenge accepted. This compilation’s layout should also look familiar to those who may have unfortunately downloaded Microsoft’s Game Room (I did). The design looks like an actual video arcade complete with a variety of arcade cabinets along with other things like a ticket redemption center and more. Now where’s the crappy pizza, soda and hard candy?

The compilation comes with ten games including arcade classics like Defender, Spy Hunter, Root Beer Tapper, Arch Rivals, Joust and Rampage. Along with the classics this compilation also features other playable games like a pool table, a mini- basketball game, air hockey and skee-ball. Also available is day one DLC that features additional arcade games including Gauntlet, Gauntlet 2, Wizard of Wor, N.A.R.C, APB and Total Carnage. These games are broken up in sets of three and are priced at only 99 cents. What a bargain. You can also expect plenty of future DLC with even more classic hits making your arcade the hit of the virtual town.

While arcades had some crappy joystick controls due to the play of some youngsters who didn’t know better, along with some raging adults, gamers question whether the touchscreen controls of Midway Arcade would work out. This is where the “hit or miss” formula comes into play. Most of the games I played including Arch Rivals, Rampage, Joust, Total Carnage and the Gauntlet games controlled well. However, I had lots of trouble with both Spy Hunter and APB with the gyroscope style of control simulating the driver’s wheel. Also the air hockey game is terrible as the paddle was unable to keep up with my movements making me look rather awkward and retarded. Good thing this is a virtual arcade and not the real thing or else I’d really look stupid.

Midway Arcade is clearly for those retro junkies out there who want the old-school arcade experience. You can even win tickets in each game that you can use at the prize redemption center. No crappy Chinese finger traps and other cheap useless trinkets here. This is nostalgia at it’s finest, and the inclusion of future arcade games DLC makes this a buy for lovers of the old days. Now how about some Sinistar, Smash TV, and Robotron please.


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