With Arcade NEXT underway on Xbox Live I decided to download Trials Evolution from RedLynx. Back in 2009, I was introduced to Trials HD when I was at E3 and gave it a test drive. My feelings were a roller coaster ride of great joy, incredible frustration, and the “holy shit that was awesome” moments. Overall, it was hella fun. With the follow up finally arriving years later I wondered if I would have those same feelings once again. My response: “Holy shit it’s even better than before!”

Right from the get go all I wanted to do was channel my inner memories of Excitebike on the NES and race on some awesome tracks. Of course the tracks are not exactly “races” but trials. The constant work of trial and error as you make your way through track after track filled with makeshift ramps along with a skew of other obstacles that stand between you and the finish line where my rider met his untimely demise. Trials has been known for breaking a bone or two, or perhaps three, except this time my driver’s end came at the hand of bombs, pianos, and plenty of explosives to boot. It definitely added a chuckle or two along with the sigh of relief when passing a tough stage especially when you get to the harder levels.

In the original game I found the difficultly rather on the tough side. It was enough for me to throw my controller all around the room in fits of rage while screaming countless chants of fucks, shits, and son of a bitches along with it. While I was playing Evolution I felt that the game was a bit easier. Maybe it was because of all the hours I put in Trials HD, or maybe it’s because the ramp up difficulty is not a sharp as what the original was.

While I’m really enjoying what the game has to offer, there was tons more for me to do including creating my own tracks and games. The exact same editor we get to use is the same one that RedLynx used to make this game. So far I’m working on a few tracks and I hope to have them up soon. Trust me when I say that this is where the replay value really is along with the kick ass multiplayer which really feels like Excitebike. I think I’ll be having some fun with this game for a very long time. I definitely recommend buying this game today

Developer: RedLynx
Publisher: Microsoft
Platform: Xbox Live Arcade
Players: 1-4 (online)
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points ($15.00)

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