The ZL1 Chronicles: A Big Decision Is Made

Posted: May 4, 2012 in My Crazy World
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It’s been a roller coaster ride for the past couple of weeks. The quest for “Godzilla” aka the Chevy Camaro ZL1 has been filled with very few highs along with plenty of lows. Pitches from clueless salespeople who hype you up with promises of inventory yet have nothing to show for it when you eventually call their bluff. Charging you outrageous prices that are way over MSRP. I even had people who don’t have the common courtesy to answer you back. Sure it sounds like a ton of negatives, but then again when has the car buying experience ever been easy and pleasant?

While there were moments where I just wanted to give up, I kept my resolve knowing that the goal was achievable. Nothing was going to stop me from acquiring the 580 horsepower beast that turns heads around every street corner. Everyday I lose hope only to have my faith restored at the end. The light at the end of the tunnel gets just a little bit brighter.

Earlier this week I mentioned that an internet salesperson at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet in Duluth, Georgia told me about a shipment of three ZL1s arriving at their dealership. While I was excited at first I quickly gathered my composure thinking that this may only be a sales ploy just to get me in the door. I told him to call me when they arrive so that I may consider a purchase. Well I think you know where this is going. That’s right. No call back. What else is new.

At some point you think the same old song and dance would just get a little too annoying as well as kill my self esteem. However, it was a phone call from Starling Chevrolet in St. Cloud, Florida that would change everything as well as lead me to where I stand today. The saleswoman was very happy to hear from me and was able to answer all my questions. Something that all the other salespeople were unable to do.

After the phone call I knew that it was time to make a decision. Is the 2012 Camaro ZL1 achievable? Well that would be a no. However, a 2013 Camaro ZL1 clearly is. So the next move for me is to place an order for the new model year with all the features that I want without all the overcharged prices. Of course I need to get back home in Florida before I’m able to do this. Now all I need is a layoff from my nuke outage job in Alabama. Well that might take a bit because the job seems to have been extended for another week or two. Oh well at least the end result of my new ride will be worth the wait.

  1. […] to leave Alabama, Rick Hendrick Chevrolet continued to call me about their shipment of ZL1s. In a previous entry I mentioned how they were full of themselves because the cars never arrived. That is still true to […]

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