Disney’s Brave Is A Fun, Yet Predictable Adventure

Posted: June 25, 2012 in At The Movies
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Recently, I took my niece and nephew to the movies to see the latest Disney and Pixar movie Brave. Uh oh, a family movie in the summertime which means a typically loud movie theater filled with lots of kids (mostly from the summer camps who are being watched by a group of minimum wage camp counselors) along with the usual crying baby or two. I know it sounds like I’m painting a bad picture here, but honestly it wasn’t that bad, and the movie was pretty good too.

Brave tells the story of Merida, a princess who wants to change her fate. Throughout her life she was brought up by her mother to one day become a queen. This meant doing everything proper of a lady and no fun. Merida however just wanted to live her life to the fullest. She wanted to be independent and explore. Merida’s also one heck of an archer who can give Legolas from The Lord of the Rings a good run for the money. When time came that she had to choose a suitor for marriage, Merida wanted no part of it and decided to run away from it all. She then meets a witch…oops I mean wood carver, and makes a proposal to change her fate. Of course not everything goes as planned, but in typical Disney fashion you will get that happy ending.

Other than the amazing computer graphics and scenery, what I really enjoyed about Brave was the main character Merida (voiced by Boardwalk Empire’s Kelly Macdonald). You don’t usually see a female lead in a Pixar movie. Unlike most Disney princesses she is strong willed and more independent than the others. I also enjoyed the triplets who brought all the comedy to the movie with their over the top antics.

While the movie is fun, not everything was great. The problem I had with Brave is the fact that most of the movie was practically given away through the countless amounts of TV spots. You knew just about everything that was going to happen with barely any surprises making Brave pretty predictable. The only real surprise being the animated short La Luna which played before the movie which was nice.

Other than the predictability, Disney’s Brave is a fun movie to see with the family. It’s got plenty of laughs, drama, and archery. The animation is brilliant, and the soundtrack featuring plenty of Gaelic tunes is amazing. It was a great time for myself and the kids at the movies. A piece of advice: try to go see the movie without all the loud and annoying summer camp kids in the theater.


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