Ted Is Family Guy Style Stupid Humor At It’s Finest

Posted: July 1, 2012 in At The Movies
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So let me tell you about my best friend. A teddy bear! That’s right. Nothings more important than a friendship between a grown up man and his teddy bear. Unless there’s a smoking hot woman standing between them. This basically sums up the plot in the movie Ted.

After a wish from a young boy who wants his teddy bear to talk John Bennett awakens the next day to see that his wish has come true. Ted’s alive! Happy times are here. Fast forward 27 years later and they’re still together except Ted’s become a foul mouth, pot smoking, beer drinking, cash register humping teddy bear. Of course this is only a small fraction of the dirty and raunchy antics that Ted accomplishes in this hilarious movie. Oh and there’s also a love story between John Bennett (played by Mark Wahlberg) and Lori Collins (played by the very sexy Mila Kunis).

While watching Ted the main concept that popped in my head in between all the laughs was the feeling that I was watching a 106 minute episode of Family Guy. Considering the fact that this is a Seth MacFarlane movie, and he voices the role of Ted (which sounds like a cross of Peter Griffin and the dog Brian), you can expect a few references from the television show. With all the movie’s humor I couldn’t tell what was funnier, Ted’s antics or watching parents pull their kids out of the theater because they thought this was a family movie. Ha! What happened? Was the “R” rating not enough of a tell?

Ted may be the star of the movie, but the performances of stars Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis are great. Much better than when they starred together in Max Payne which was an awful movie. Patrick Stewart does a superb job as the narrator. Finally, I have to commend the performance of Sam J. Jones. For those not in the know he played Flash Gordon in the 1980 movie. Sam plays himself, but you also get plenty of Flash Gordon moments that are hilarious. I think that Sam’s role in Ted is on par to Bill Murray’s role in Zombieland. Both were priceless.

Ted is a fun stupid humor movie filled with a lot of heart. While he was only a teddy bear, Ted felt just as human as anyone else on screen. He’s funny, dirty, but most of all he’s loving. From the very beginning of the movie to the final credits Ted will have you laughing constantly. It’s not just a movie for those who love Family Guy, Ted is a movie for anyone looking for a good laugh. Just don’t bring the little kiddies ok.


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