GAME STATUS: Mission Accomplished! Vlad has been defeated.
ACHIEVEMENTS EARNED: 11 out of 23 (100 Gamerscore)

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Can you hear it?
Hear what?
That sound. The sound of silence.

The silence I speak is the final destruction of “The Broadcast.” No longer does it’s message speak of the evils it has caused. Vladimir Farnsworth and his army of Monovisions have met their end due to the hard work of myself and the Mobile Trench Brigade. No tube was safe from Frank Woodruff’s strategy and my execution of the plan. Now I can celebrate victory and finally have world peace.

As I smoke this cigar and gaze upon my gold, silver, and bronze medals of bravery, I reflect back on that epic struggle. The days aboard the USS McKinley where I customized my mech with armaments including machine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers, artillery cannons, and even broadcast satellites. All of this and more was needed to destroy the monovision army of Farnsworth. Those tubes put up one hell of a battle. Sometimes they even got the best of me leaving me in a hump of broken metal. However, after a change in strategy and armaments, I put a boot in their asses because that’s the American way!

I, along with my mech, were a walking path of destruction. No tube from land, sea, or air could match my firepower along with the countless tower defense turrets that I placed in their way. Big Willie, Bertha, and even Arty were no match for my power and will for peace. Even all the little Knobs that were launched were nothing but shredded scrap from my machine guns.

Part of me still wonders about “The Broadcast.” What if we looked upon it another way as a sign of progress. What if it had multiple channels? Frank’s version was for the good of mankind. If we could’ve just changed the channel on Farnsworth, or just hit the mute button then maybe everything would’ve been alright. Oh who am I kidding! I just wanted to kick some ass. I’m glad that I volunteered for this opportunity.


With the world safe once again, the need for the Mobile Trench Brigade is no longer needed. It’s been one hell of a ride, but now it’s time to retire. Besides I’ve got plenty of other tower defense games to conquer out there. Iron Brigade, consider yourself “Honorably Discharged” from my Xbox 360 Hard Drive.

Developer: Double Fine
Platform: Xbox Live Arcade
Players: 1-4 (online)
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points ($15.00)


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