Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Back To Work I Go!

Posted: July 19, 2012 in My Crazy World
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Yes, it has finally happened. Time for my summer vacation to end and work to begin. Six painful weeks I suffered as I went to my union hall for the disappointing news of my number not getting called. Happy to see some of my brothers and sisters get the call to head out to work. Some who’ve been out of work for a long time now enjoying that big paycheck. I wondered when it was going to be my time. Six weeks of dreaming for those big weekly pay days that will pad my growing bank account. Yesterday, that dream came true. Barely.

For a period of time during this 17 man call for the St. Lucie Nuclar Plant I didn’t think they would reach my number. Low numbers highlighted the early going with people I’ve never heard of. Then they reached the 100s. I was at #137. I had a chance. All of a sudden some brothers “passed” on the call. A smile then went across my face. It was coming. The 14th number called was mine. I jumped up and said “Yes!” I’m in! Then it hit me. If nobody passed on the call I would’ve had to wait another week. Maybe even wonder if I would make the cut at all.

After receiving my work referral the first thing that popped in my head was “I’m going back to work! No more crappy unemployment money!” Then another thought hit me. “Oh shit, I’m going back to work!” No more vacation. No more slacking off. Soon it would be time to put the tools back in my hands and do the job asked of me for the next few months. At least the paycheck is worth it.

Tomorow I’ll be packing my bags and making my way to Hutchinson Island for the weekend. Get myself settled in and do some grocery shopping. Oh yeah, and I’ll be heading to the movie thether to go see The Dark Knight Rises. Like I’m going to miss that. Fat chance! Once Monday at 6am comes around reality will hit me once again. I can’t say what I’m doing when I’m there, because that would get me in trouble. Good news is that come November I’ll be laid off and back home once again for the holidays with the family while getting ready for a return trip to Athens, Alabama next year.

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