Back To The Grind

Posted: July 28, 2012 in My Crazy World
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It’s 4:45 am on a Monday morning. My body has woken me up, but I still have another fifteen minutes before the inevitable wake up call. I close my eyes and desperately try to fall asleep one last time. I try not to think about the big day ahead of me, but it hits me like a ton of bricks.

5:00 am! The alarm tone on my iPhone screeches it’s loud sound like a teacher scratching her nails on a chalkboard. Reality has finally struck. It’s time to go back to work. Getting out of bed became a chore. Slowly I made the rounds of washing up, changing clothes, and having a little breakfast while making lunch for later. As I walk outside the first thing I say is “It’s still dark outside. I should still be sleeping.” Nobody should be up this early just to go to work. I got into my car, woke up my neighborhood with the loud exhaust of my Camaro SS and made my way to the plant to begin orientation…again.

The first day back. A day filled with lectures and tons of paperwork. Seriously, a lot of trees were killed just to bring me back to work. What a waste. I think it’s about time to use computers instead. Sign this and sign that. I signed my life away while constant instruction was given. I’ve been through the sane talks for years now. Boredom began to set in. At times I felt like I was going to nod off, but I tried to find a way to stay awake. I snuck out my iPhone to play Words With Friends, checked out various websites, basically anything to save me from the monotony. Well it worked out and I made my way through the day with relative ease.

The rest of my first week back was a test of wills. Extremely hot temperatures broke me out into a sweat as soon as I walked out the door. Keeping myself hydrated was all I could do to try and beat the summer heat. Some people couldn’t handle the heat making them sick. I just beared with it. We’re not even in the “dog days” of summer and it’s this hot! This could be a problem. Then the good news arrived. My boss told me “Brian, your going to the night shift.” Hallelujah! I got what I wanted! Night shift will definitely help me now that the sun’s powerful rays will not bear down on me making my job miserable. Sure sleep deprivation will now become an issue, but I can handle that

One week down and plenty more to go. For the next three months I’ll be busy working my ass off at the St. Lucie Nuclear Plant six days a week, twelve hours a day. Working in the grind like this is a true test of my physical and mental abilities, but the paycheck is so worth it. Besides $2,000+ weekly is hard to turn down. I’ll be pushed beyond my limits. Stress and aggravation are only the beginning, but there is plenty of satisfaction and the occasional sigh of relief when the job gets done. I’m looking forward for the challenge. At least I won’t have to work during the hot summer days.

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