GAME STATUS: Raven’s Rock leadership eliminated. Mission accomplished.
ACHIEVEMENTS EARNED: 18 out of 52 (355 Gamerscore)

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The ending of Ghost Recon Future Soldier reminds me of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Eraser. The Ace is on the train tracks. The Ghosts are ordered at the last second not to kill him (this after killing the other six high ranking members) which draws some fire from the team. The Ace talks some shit to try and get me to shoot, but i hold back. Orders are orders. In the end the Ace gets his as he’s smashed by an oncoming train. At least “I” didn’t kill him.

When I completed the main campaign the first thought that popped in my head was “that was awesome!” Ghost Recon Future Soldier lived up to it’s lively expectations. Whether it was going silent or going balls to the wall in a hail of bullets with tons of explosions, the game never went to the monotone notion of run and gun. Strategy was important and I used it to the max. Coordination firing was badass, and removing all the squad orders for more quick response actions like choosing who your team kills first made battles more intense. Active camo was also a huge hit for me.

Other than all the action and Michael Bay orgasmic moments I also got a kick out of the Gunsmith option. Whether I was using my controller or the Kinect I was having fun customizing my weapons with various parts and colors. It took me awhile to get the handling down of choosing my loadouts, but I soon became hooked and customizing took preference over battling either with the campaign or online.

The online multiplayer however had both it’s highs and lows. My highs center around the Guerrilla mode where my teammates and I kicked ass for awhile while getting some wicked head shots. Playing co-op in the campaign was not bad either even though I had a lone wolf or two without their headsets. The lows came around after a few weeks of play. Competitive team matches like Decoy turned crappy when at least half of my team started camping as snipers instead of working on targets. I kept telling them that we need to compete the objectives, but all they said was “I’m a sniper, I’m a sniper!” That led me to the response of “Then go back to Call of Duty noob!” By the way those players sucked! Sadly a large majority of the games I played online were like this which killed my buzz.


While Ghost Recon Future Soldier was a great game I couldn’t see myself playing the campaign multiple times. The story and cutscenes were rather bland and had me saying “meh.” The multiplayer became disappointing after a few weeks of play due to some players stupidity. My message to them: Stop being snipers! Learn how to play the game. Honestly, with so many shooters out there for me to play now and in the near future I’m not going to have the time to continue playing so I’m giving Ghost Recon Future Soldier an honorable discharge to the trade in shelf. Thanks for the fun Ubisoft. Now where’s the new Rainbow Six?

Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: Xbox 360
Players: 1-12 (online)
Price: $59.99

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