What happens when you load the screen with some of the biggest action movie stars in the history of film? Well what I got was the most explosive movie of the summer. Maybe these guys do belong in a museum, but for now they still can kick some major ass on the big screen with The Expendables 2.

A big step up from the “meh” first movie, The Expendables 2 continues the story with America’s biggest and baddest mercenaries, led by Sylvester Stallone , on another mission to take down another villain out to take over the world, or at least try to make a lot of money. This villain is played by none other than the legendary Jean Claude Van Damme. Of course he’s not the only attraction. “Lone Wolf” Chuck Norris returns in a limited role and Arnold Schwarzenegger is “back” and he’s going to let you know it quite a few times.

Along for the explosive ride includes Jason Statham and his collection of knives, Terry Crews and his badass auto shotgun, Dolph Lundgren who shows a he’s also quite intelligent and not just a grunt, MMA star Randy Couture who is the butt of more ear jokes, and Jet Li who let’s wannabe enemies know that if he runs out of ammo then he’ll kick your ass with a pair of frying pans. Sadly Li is only around for the first twenty minutes of the movie. Bruce Willis also returns and plays a larger role letting everyone know that he’s more than just talk. Liam Hemsworth and Yu Nan round out the cast and fill in quite well with the regulars.

So what really impressed me about the movie. Well there were many things. One would be that this movie brought me back to the action movies of the past. Thin on plot and filled with tons of bullets, blood, and lots dead bodies. The body count is much higher in this movie, and I might have noticed the same guy die more than once in a few scenes. I also liked all the action especially Jason Statham who was dressed as a monk and said “I now pronounce you man and knife” and then proceeded to kick ass. Chuck Norris impressed me the most with his limited role. The “Chuck Norris Rules” were clearly in effect and he even made fun of himself with a “Chuck Norris Joke.” What really put it over the top for me was seeing other characters using the specific actors catch phrases. Hilarious!

What disappointed me about the first Expendables movie was that there were plenty of down moments in between the action which bored me at times until the explosive finale. With the gloves off this time The Expendables 2 runs on an even keel with plenty of action throughout the adventure and plenty of jokes  making for a fun popcorn movie. There’s literally no downers to give me that “meh” feeling which meant more smiles and laughs and a great time at the movie theater.

The Expendables 2 is more than just an action movie. It’s a celebration of everything we love in an over the top action movie. The battle and fight scenes are brilliant especially with the final battle between Sylvester Stallone and Jean Claude Van Damme. Would I watch this movie again? Hell yes! The only question that I have is how they can top what was done in this movie if there’s a third movie? Then again who will star in the third movie, because they’re starting to run out of older action stars.


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