Could The Latest Trailer For Black Ops 2 Bring Me Back To Call Of Duty?

Posted: October 5, 2012 in My Crazy World
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This is the question I’m asking myself today. I’m sure everyone has seen the latest trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 featuring the new Avenged Sevenfold track “Carry On” by now. Call me interested, but is it enough to sway me back to the franchise I’ve loathed as of late. Hmm…

Now I’ve always been against the franchise since Modern Warfare 2 and the ridiculous amount of cheating in the game’s multiplayer. I did play Black Ops back in 2010 and enjoyed the thrilling campaign along with the ever so popular zombie mode. The other multiplayer is still kind of “meh” to me except for the remote control car bomb which I used a lot. Every time a new map pack arrived, I bought it just for the zombies map. Pathetic I know, but I was that addicted. I also have both World at War and Black Ops Zombies games on my iPhone and iPad. Maybe it’s just me, but Treyarch really has something going here. Why not just have a game with just zombies?

The new zombie themed trailer gave me that Left 4 Dead kind of vibe as survival is still the name of the game. The horde of zombies continue to make their way through would be defenses, but the new portrayal of what is called “Tranzit” features more in terms of both exploration as well as tight defenses while telling a unique “B” movie story. There’s also a 4v4 team based competitive zombie matches as well as the classic gameplay seen since World at War. Once again I mention the topic of why doesn’t Treyarch make a zombie game?

So I sit and think. Yes, I was really unimpressed with the demo I saw at E3. Yes, every GameStop clerk across this country thin that Call of Duty is the greatest game ever (it’s the only game they know and talk about), because of the multiplayer. I personally haven’t liked the multiplayer since World at War because it hasn’t truly evolved. It’s just rehashed shit, but filled with glitchers, cheaters, and wannabe snipers ruining the experience. Plus Battlefield is much better. Treyarch’s new emphasis on the zombies game mode has really got me interested, but Is it enough to make me pay $60 for a copy, or should I wait? The answer will come soon.


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