I’m not known for being very political about anything, but every once in awhile the politician in me comes out and has to make a statement. So let me make a few points on why I once again voted for Barack Obama for another term as President of the United States.

Let me share with you something that made me angry

Yesterday, while having a fun day with the family, I heard something that really disgusted me. Someone deciding to vote for Mitt Romney because her doctor told her to. “Are you fucking kidding me!” A doctor, a man who’s got plenty of money now has the power to influence your vote. That’s preposterous! While I could spend the afternoon and evening debating why she was wrong I kept my mouth shut, because the last thing I wanted was a political struggle in a family setting.

Back to my point. Let’s Start With Unions

Considering the fact that I’m a Journeyman Wireman in the IBEW (this is a union for some of you that might not understand) being somewhat political and paying close attention to the candidates running for office is very important. Why? Well that’s because my very livelihood is at stake. Let me just share one thing that Mitt Romney has in mind on day one if he is elected President.

So what does this mean to me. Well coming from a man who once supported unions (mainly the IBEW back in 2002 at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City), his plan is to eliminate those who belong to unions and put them out of work. This opens the door to Right To Work Laws that will deteriorate salaries, eliminate pensions and annuitlies, and repeal the Davis-Bacon Act.

Now I’m very comfortable with the living I have, but Mitt Romney wants to take that away from me and have me work for barely above minimum wage. Romney, by the way, rejected a bill to raise minimum wage to $8.00/hour as Governor of Massachusetts. I’ve worked hard to get to where I’m at. I’m a skilled craftsman with five years of apprenticeship training both on the job and in school. Union craftsmen and women are the top skilled people in the industry. These contractors that Romney spoke to, who are anti-union, want to bring in other people (preferably from south of the border), for lower non-taxable wages. Basically, they’ll pay them cash under the table and avoid taxes (I’ve actually seen this happen).

Barack Obama believes the right to organinze, stands behind unions, collective bargaining agreements, and project labor agreements which do talk about the policy of eight hours work for eight hours pay.

The Auto Industry

I’m sure everyone has seen the ad running where Mitt Romney has said that Jeep, a subsidiary of Chrysler, is shipping jobs to China. He said this in a rally to the people of Ohio (a key swing state) where Jeep manufactures vehicles.

Liar! Liar! Pants On Fire! Mitt Romney has now been caught terrorizing the people of Ohio with their jobs just so they’ll vote for him. What an asshole. Jeep is not moving any jobs overseas, and are expanding plants in Michigan and Ohio (sounds like they might need some union labor for that project). Did Romney take it back? No! He bought more airtime with that specific ad for scare tactics. And people want this liar for President? Barack Obama helped save the auto industry with the bailout, and now American companies including General Motors are florishing once again.

Bain Capital

Mitt Romney is part of the 1% who are all about getting richer while the rest (mainly the middle class) suffer. Check out this feature for when Romney was a founding member and CEO of Bain Capital.

Romney wants to curb his involvement with Bain Capital, but it’s important for the American people to see what him and his fellow 1% have been up to. Barack Obama is all about strengthening the middle class, helping lower the unemployment rate, and creating new jobs. The latest numbers on jobs has supported that fact that things are slowly getting better even thnough Romney wants to put his own spin on it in a negative way.

There are so many issues that would allow me to go on and on, but these were the issues that focused on me the most. This past Friday, I went to early voting and waited just over an hour to cast my vote. I had no problem with waiting and neither did anyone else. I did my homework beforehand, and along with voting with my wallet in mind, I made a choice. The right choice for me.

Tomorrow is an important day for all of us. It’s important that all of us take part in our patriotic duty and make our voices heard. I’m not here to influence your vote unlike some doctor did to someone I know. All I mentioned to you was the facts that helped make my choice. It’s up to you to make the all important decision.

Go out there and vote. Just remember that if you don’t vote I suggest you don’t come bitching at me about who got elected into office.


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