The Unemployment Problems Continue To Mount…Again

Posted: November 28, 2012 in My Crazy World
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Five weeks. It’s been five weeks since I’ve been laid off from my cushy foreman gig at the St. Lucie nuke plant. Layoff due to reduction of force is something I’m used to, but the part that really hurts is when I begin to miss that nice paycheck of $2,500 weekly down to $275 weekly in unemployment benefits. Yes, it sucks. However, the part that really drives me insane has to do with when I file for the eligible benefits I’m entitled to, and then the unemployment agency decides to not pay me. Why is it that every time that I’m laid off I have to fight the agency just to get paid.

The day after I was laid off I filed for unemployment. The process which almost takes forever every time I enter all the information feels like a chore. Then there’s the Initial Skills Review they wanted me to take. I guess they want to see my intelligence level as well. They say it’s to help the re-employment process. What it really boils down to is a 45 minute waste of time, but I had to do it just so I can receive benefits. Honestly, employers don’t really care about these results from a ridiculous test, so why should I? All I want is the minimal weekly monetary benefits.

Now comes the wait. The excruciatingly long wait just to receive my benefits. It should only take two weeks. However, this process took much longer due to the fact that when I first claimed weeks one of the weeks was my last week of work. Being the honest person I am I entered the correct information including what I earned that week. This is where the problems began.

When I noticed that I wasn’t getting paid I made a phone call to the agency. The operator on the other end of the line said for me to “be patient.” They told me that my account was on hold since they needed to confirm that I’ve been laid off. It will take 1-2 weeks for everything to get settled. Two weeks later I claimed weeks again while still awaiting my benefits from the previous period. I called back and the operator told me that it will be “anyday now.” Once again the operator told me that they needed to contact my previous employer for my layoff. I told them that I had the information, but they said they can’t take my info. Why not! It’s the same shit, and this process of fucking me over can end!

Now I come to today. Next week I need to claim weeks once again and the unemployment agency has yet to pay me a dime of my benefits. I called again and once again focused my rage upon them. They still had my account on hold. After a few minutes of venting at the operator, and threatening a potential lawsuit, they finally caved in and are finally sending me my money. Wow! It took me five weeks of stress and pissed off rage, along with the threat of bringing in an attorney, to get what I’m entitled to. That’s fucked up. I still want to know if they ever called my previous employer? They probably never did.

What really bugs me is if I’m the only person who has to endear these type of problems. This is why I dread getting laid off. I know that every time this happens I have to go through the same bullshit over and over again. Why? I just want my period of transition from one company to the next in my union lifestyle to go smoothly. A peaceful break between jobs is not too much to ask for now is it? Hopefully this is the last time I have to bitch about the unemployment agency…or maybe not. We’ll just have to wait and see after the next job.

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