Despicable Me 2: Funny, Predictable, and Full of Minion Mayhem

Posted: July 11, 2013 in At The Movies
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It’s quite amazing to see the success that Despicable Me has generated since it’s 2010 release. Steve Carell has become a huge star, the minions are everywhere from toys to advertising, and there’s a fun 3-D attraction at Universal Studios. With the big wigs seeing mega dollar signs, and boogie fever, it was no surprise that a sequel was coming. Part of me wondered what they could possibly do to top the original movie. Well Despicable Me 2 is finally here and once again Gru is “back in the game baby,” because when the world needs a hero there’s no better person to call upon then one of it’s greatest villains. Oh, and let’s not forget about all those cute, lovable, and often hilarious minions.

Despicable Me 2 shows a new side to the once villainous Gru. He’s now grown into his new role…a loving father. However, villainy still exists in the world, and the Anti Villain League recruits Gru to save the world. While Gru turns down the offer at first he eventually realizes that he misses all the action from when he was the bad guy so he obviously reconsiders. In between all the spy action Margo, Edith, and Agnes hatch a plan of their own where they want Gru to enter the dating scene, because they want a mother. As for the minions, well they just want to have fun. Bananas. Ice cream. I think you know where I’m going with this.

While the trailers gave away a good portion of the movie, the one thing they didn’t reveal was who exactly was the villain. Enter El Macho played by Al Pacino…scratch that I mean Benjamin Bratt. Pacino unfortunately backed out of the role due to creative differences. Taking on the persona of a Mexican Luchadore, El Macho had a plan which involved kidnapping Gru’s minions and turning them into indestructible purple monsters all for the purpose of world domination. Bratt did a very respectable job as the villainous El Macho even though part of me really wanted Al Pacino doing the voice acting in the role.

Just like the original, it’s the minions who once again steal the show. While the first movie featured them mainly as comic relief, the minions are now an integral part of the story and play a key role all while still tickling the funny bone of the audience. Sure there’s still a cheap gag or two by the mischievous bunch from the beginning of the movie through the ending credits, but I couldn’t help but laugh at all the punches, ridiculous outfits, purple monsters, and their gibberish language. Overall, the minions are awesome, and I just can’t imagine what these movies would’ve been like without them.

Spy games, minion mayhem, a typical love story plot seen many times, and family fun for all ages. What’s not to like about Despicable Me 2? It’s a fun summer movie. Steve Carell once again nails it as Gru, Kristen Wiig was fun as Gru’s eventual love interest Agent Lucy Wilde, and Miranda Cosgrove showed that she’s more than just iCarly as Margo. Despicable Me (along with movies like Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and Wreck-It-Ralph) proves that animated movies are not just for kids. Despicable Me 2 is definitely a blu-ray purchase for me joining the fun-filled original on my movie shelf.

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