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Posted: August 5, 2013 in Now Playing (Video Game Reviews)
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It has felt like an eternity, but Irrational Games has finally announced their DLC plans for Bioshock Infinite. For a while I was regretting my Season Pass purchase since there was no new content, but now I can see why it’s been taking so long. The upcoming single player story content entitled “Burial at Sea” looks absolutely amazing as I’ll get to return to the familiar surroundings of the underwater city of Rapture. Sadly, since that DLC won’t release until further down the road, Irrational Games has released something to hold gamers like myself over. Clash in the Clouds has arrived, and the new content feels like something very familiar that I’ve played many times before, but it’s unfortunately not the DLC that I was hoping for.

Clash in the Clouds basically sums up as the equivalent to Horde Mode found in Gears of War and the Zombie Mode in Call of Duty. Featuring four brand new maps, the goal was to clear waves of increasing enemies. Now I know I’ve done shit like this plenty of times before in other games, but I can assure you that Bioshock Infinite‘s take on the popular game mode is quite interesting and at times can be fun. Why? Well that’s because I get to use more than just conventional weapons. I’ve also got vigors as well as Elizabeth creating tears allowing me to add strategy to my attack patterns that include more than just point and shoot.

After customizing my weapon loadout at the Columbian Archaeological Society it was off to battle against the horde. Early on the waves were pretty simple allowing me to get comfortable with my surroundings as well as work on some combo play with my guns and vigors. Then all of a sudden the kitchen sink was thrown at me. Motorized Patriots, Handymen, and all the other big boys were coming out to play. Business was definitely picking up and all I can say to myself was “It’s on!” With each kill I made money was earned plus I looted corpses for some extra bonuses of ammo, health, and money. Speaking of extra bonuses, there are also Blue Ribbon Challenges for each wave. Each wave features a specific task for me to complete all for that extra cash as well as a blue ribbon for the accomplishment.

What I got a kick out of during my gameplay sessions was taking out soldiers from the skyline as well as using the Undertow vigor. What I really enjoyed was experimenting with different weapon and vigor combinations that I didn’t use in the main campaign. I will mention that the Blue Ribbon Challenges are tough, but quite exhilarating at the same time when I accomplished them. Elizabeth was also extremely helpful with the tears as well as handing me extra ammo and health when I needed it most. One thing I would recommend to everyone is get to know the layout of each map first before worrying about earning those elusive blue ribbons. It will all come in due time.

Another good thing that makes Clash in the Clouds a step above the other horde mode based games is what I got to do with all the money I earned. The money is not just points for leaderboard positioning, although I think that leaderboards are pretty pointless these days. I got to use my hard earned cash at vending machines to purchase weapon and vigor upgrades, stage unlocks, and even extra lives. I can also use it to purchase items to put on display at the museum. Ok, I know that all these museum trinkets sound pretty useless, but there is a reward for purchasing them all: a nice PlayStation bronze trophy.

For those of us like me who purchased the Season Pass for Bioshock Infinite Clash in the Clouds is considered somewhat of a disappointment after the long wait. I’m not saying that the new content sucks, because this horde mode style gameplay is fun with the combined use of weapons, melee attacks, vigors, and Elizabeth’s very useful tears as I eliminated enemies in style. Finding new and creative ways to lay waste on my foes as well as earning the blue ribbons was also a nice plus. While Clash in the Clouds is fun I can only recommend it to those who have the Season Pass (since it’s free) and to those who enjoy horde mode style of gameplay. For everyone else it’s more of a pass. In the end, all this DLC has done for me is anticipate the release of Burial at Sea just a little bit more.


Developer: Irrational Games
Platform: PlayStation 3
Players: 1
Price: $4.99


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