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GAME STATUS: Defeated Zhaka Mu and discovered the secret of the island.
ACHIEVEMENTS EARNED: 16 out of 20 (320 Gamerscore)

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After washing up on a mysterious island it was up to my ball heaving frog to find out it’s dirty secret. After more than 60 levels that ranged from too easy to near frustration it became known to me that my frog was no longer alone. Of course that’s what the island natives told me. Ms. Zuma was my reward! A female companion, or maybe it’s PopCap Games revealing the next Zuma adventure along the lines of Ms. Pac-Man and Ms. Splosion Man. A female frog with balls coming out of her mouth solving color based puzzles. Did that sound right? Oh who cares…moving on.

Zuma’s Revenge was a big step up compared to the original game even though I was doing more of the same. Matching colored balls while avoiding the end of the line. Ok, so it sounds like your typical puzzle game, but Zuma’s Revenge is more involving than just solving a particular puzzle. The game had fun and challenging boss fights, using earned tokens to raise the levels of four different spirit animals, and a few unlockable game modes beyond the original adventure that hooked me in and made me want to keep playing just to see what comes up next.

Unlike most other puzzle games that I have played Zuma’s Revenge had an addiction factor that kept me playing. Factors that included achieving that high score, weekly challenges, and finding a way to get that last token or two on each level for the spirit animals. Of course there’s also the achievements for me to earn as well. No other puzzle game has been able to hook me in better than Zuma’s Revenge and that’s saying something. This addiction goes even further than my Xbox 360, because I also have this game on my iPhone and iPad.


Iron Frog, Boss Rush, Weekly Challenges, and the last four achievements to unlock. There’s still so much to do. It’s pretty obvious that my addiction to Zuma’s Revenge means that this game is staying put. The island has drew me in, and it will take more than finding my female frog companion to unlock all it’s secrets. The fog may have been lifted, but it’s time to venture further into the island. Time to play more Zuma’s Revenge.

Developer: PopCap Games
Platform: Xbox Live Arcade
Players: 1
Price: 800 Microsoft Points ($10.00)

Back in 2005, it addicted me. Seven years later, I’m back for more. PopCap Games made a sequel to the addicting puzzle game Zuma, and this time revenge is on their mind. Revenge for what? Addiction? Lost employee production at the workplace? I really don’t know, but what I do know is that our amphibian hero is back, he’s got balls, and he’s not afraid to use them.

Zuma’s Revenge continues once again on the same color ball matching puzzle adventure. Not much has changed except for the scenery. Gone are the tombs and in is the lush jungle scenery of this unique tropical island. Unfortunately, the natives don’t take to kindly to the frog coming to their home, and are plotting a scheme to eat him. Well I can’t let the natives make frog legs out of me so it looks like there is one thing left to do…bring on the puzzles!

Just like the previous game, Zuma’s Revenge plays out as a “match three” puzzle game where I would match at least three balls of one color. Once that is accomplished the balls disappear and I repeat the same action until I cleared each stage. Sounds simple right? Well that’s because it is, however Zuma is a tough game to master. Levels will get much harder leaving very little room for error. Power-ups also come into play featuring score multipliers, bombs, laser beams, tri-shots, and even flow reversal. Each of the power-ups, along with some various chain reaction combos, offer a new sense of strategy as well as helping me finish a level in one piece.

New to Zuma’s Revenge is boss battles which in a way reminds me of the old school classic Space Invaders. All I needed to do is clear the balls in the way of the boss and fire. I like the addition because it really breaks up the monotony of puzzle action. Also new is the addition of Spirit Animals which changes the dynamic of the game in terms of power-ups and other bonuses happening more frequently by earning Spirit Tokens to level them up for even more bonuses. More bonuses lead to higher scores and more tokens to spend.

Zuma’s Revenge is more than just a basic puzzle game. It’s an addiction. Every time I play I work myself into a frenzy just to get that high score or move deeper in the game. Well Popcap added some extra game modes to keep me playing for a log time. Weekly Challenges for scoring, Boss Rush which is pretty self explanatory, and Iron Frog for the hardcore Zuma players. There’s plenty to do here in Zuma’s Revenge to keep me hooked for months and years to come making the 800 Microsoft Point ($10.00) asking price well worth it.

Considering the fact that I have this game on multiple platforms, including the iPad & iPhone, I really seem to enjoy Zuma’s Revenge on Xbox Live Arcade even more. With the multitude of game modes Zuma’s Revenge has, it’s safe to assume that this game will be more than just filler between shooters and racing games. Zuma’s Revenge is hardcore within itself which makes it a game for more than just casual players. Zuma’s Revenge is awesome as well as highly addictive. This means everyone should download this game right now.

Developer: PopCap Games
Platform: Xbox Live Arcade
Players: 1
Price: 800 Microsoft Points ($10.00)


Definition: something accomplished by superior ability, special effort, or great courage

Xbox 360 Definition: completing a set of goals in a game followed by a distinct tone and an addition of useless gamerscore points. Also see Addiction.

Late nights. Little sleep. A lack of social interaction except for the noob that’s getting their ass kicked in Halo. He talks with that whiny annoying voice that drives you crazy except you find it bearable after living in the spirit of virtual victory on the battlefield. You listen to the agony of their defeat while he/she screams countless obscenities at you. However, you drown that noise out all because you hear that familiar sound drop. The sound of accomplishment along with a message. Achievement unlocked!

Since November of 2005, it began with the purchase of a console and a few games,  specifically Call of Duty 2. I completed basic training and then it started. The tone. The message. The increase in gamerscore by 50 points. Ok, so the points meant nothing to me. Just the achievement. I wondered what I needed to do next just to get another one. Later I went to Xbox Live Arcade and bought Gauntlet and Geometry Wars and got a few more achievements. That’s when it dawned on me. I became addicted.

Fast forward a couple of thousand cheevos and 56,000 plus gamerscore points and I’m still at it. It’s no longer an addiction. It’s a way of life. No longer am I just a gamer. Now I’m an achievement whore. My life has changed forever. Games mean nothing unless they have a fresh set of new achievements for me to unlock. Every new one I get is more satisfying then the next. Complete a level, double and triple kills, do all the spectacular shit that the average casual gamers can’t do. Yeah, the feeling is exhilarating. It’s even better than sex! Wait a minute…let me retract that statement. Sex is still better. Sorry, I guess I was in the euphoria of another achievement unlocked.

My addiction is getting to the point of wanting more than just being limited to Xbox 360 achievements. What about real life achievements? Here’s a few that I came up with:

* Wake up in the morning (10 GS)
* Call in sick to work because you want to play Skyrim or Kingdoms of Amalur (50 GS)
* Play a Call of Duty game (-100 GS)
* Have sex with a random man/woman you meet on Plenty of Fish (100 GS)
* Have sex with said person from Plenty of Fish, who you eventually find out that he/she looks like Jabba the Hutt, yet still did the deed only because you were horny that night (0 GS)
* Kill a random stranger on the street because you accidently mistaken them for a zombie (200 GS)
* Do a double tap and a teabag on that same person (300 GS)
* Tell your boss to go fuck himself/herself and then punch out your work buddy who wants a high five for your accomplishment (500 GS)

I can go all day on this. I think you get the point. It just makes me wonder what could possibly be next. Achievements Anonymous? I can see it now. Hi, my name is Brian, and I’m an achievement whore.

Super Addictive Game

You break your high score and the battery life runs out on your iPhone

Review Based On Version 1.2.5

If you thought that Fruit Ninja was addictive, then it’s time for you to check out Jetpack Joyride from Halfbrick. It’s wild, fun, and I can’t believe I’m writing this review instead of playing the game some more. I think you get the point. Sure it’s not slashing fruit, but this simplistic yet highly addictive game might just make Sensei a little bit jealous.

Over the holidays I found this game in the App Store on sale for free! (normal price is 99 cents) Now as you all know I just can’t turn down a free game, especially from Halfbrick, so I gave the game a go. After an hour of playing I became so addicted that I couldn’t stop playing. Even the battery ran out on me in mid-play. It’s that much fun.

The goal of Jetpack Joyride is to survive as long as you can against a variety of obstacles and traps as you scroll through each mission on your jetpack. Along the way you’ll collect coins to use in the store as well as tokens for a slot machine that you can access when you die. While your avoiding obstacles you’ll come across random vehicles including a motorcycle, teleporter, and so much more. There’s even a bird that has cash coming out it’s rear. I definitely got a laugh out of it.

When you die in the game (you’ll be doing a lot of this), and have some tokens available, a slot machine appears. You can choose to cash in the tokens at 50 coins a pop, or take a chance for some valuable prizes including more coins and tokens or cool power-ups for future games. You can also access the store to buy items which are more cosmetic in nature. There are some bonuses that help change the game as well. There’s also plenty of achievements to unlock in Game Center which are mostly easy.

Overall, Jetpack Joyride is a fun game not to pass up on for your iPhone. It’s the most addicting game available in the App Store along with Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. That by the way is good company believe me. I can’t stress the point any further when I tell you to just download the game right now. Ok, I’m done reviewing this game. Time to beat my high score again.