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GAME STATUS: Clementine is safe…for now?
TROPHIES EARNED: All 49 of them! Platinum Baby!

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From a prisoner in the back of a police car to his horrific end in Savannah, only Clementine is the ultimate survivor in Lee Everett’s epic tale. Actually, Omid and Christa are still out there, and it looked like Clem may have seen them walking on the horizon. Will Clem catch up with them? Are they walkers as well? Are these people other survivors of the zombie apocalypse? I can’t wait for Season 2!

The Walking Dead had me running on all emotions from the highs of safety to the sad lows of watching key characters psychologically breakdown or fall to their death. I felt Lee’s pain as every tough decision I made had it’s unfortunate consequences. I had to figure out who to trust and who to ignore. I even had to tread the relatively thin line that separates life and death. Most importantly was how I had to explain my actions to Clementine, and see how she responds. Surprisingly, in my playthrough she actually took it quite well.

Other than Lee, the one character I really enjoyed was Kenny. Throughout my journey I always sided with the redneck probably because I know so many people in my real world travels that are like him. Kenny always cut to the chase in key moments and was even a bit cutthroat at times as well when it came to Lily and Ben. Speaking of Ben, I hated that guy. I tried to help him, but whiny ass Ben always caused problems. When shit started getting bad…it was Ben’s fault. In key moments he even froze up in fear. My group had no need for fear, or his bullshit, so I had no problem showing my cold side and letting him die at the school. He deserved it even though he went out as sort of a hero buying time for my group’s escape from the walkers.

As for the episodes, I really enjoyed the second episode “Starved For Help.” Sure those St. John’s sounded nice and peaceful, but who knew that they had a Hannibal Lecter streak in them as they feasted on human meat. What a plot twist! I sure didn’t see that shit coming. There’s also that moment at the end of the episode when I took the supplies from the what I thought was an abandoned station wagon. I had no clue that this key decision would eventually lead up to the first season’s amazing conclusion as the vehicle’s owner and Lee would come face to face with Clementine’s fate hanging in the balance. You want to talk about psycho. That guy takes the cake.

Finally, there’s the gripping ending. I really wanted to see Lee take on the fatherly role, and take care of young Clementine through the dangers of the zombie apocalypse, but we all know that The Walking Dead is no place for happy endings. It was a sad moment when Clementine took up the gun and had to pull the trigger so Lee wouldn’t turn into a walker himself. If there’s one thing Lee did well it would be that he helped make Clementine strong enough to cope with the challenges that lie ahead of her.


Season 2 may be quite awhile away, but I do see another playthough in the near future. I’d like to see how Lee would react if I changed certain situations like not listening to Kenny or siding with Lily. However, Ben still has to die because he’s a whiny ass bastard. In the end it’s all about Clementine.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing The Walking Dead. What else can I say about a game that is already considered as one of the greatest of all time? Amazing story, well thought out characters, amazing story, walkers, oh and an amazing story. I think you get the point. Congratulations to the team at Telltale Games. This was an amazing experience.

For Clementine.

Developer: Telltale Games
Platform: Playstation 3
Players: 1
Price: $4.99 per episode (6 episodes)

It’s December 22, 2012 and your still alive. The Mayan Calendar has started a brand new long count. We’ve heard all the scenarios from plausible to absolutely ridiculous from solar flares, asteroids, comets, mega earthquakes, giant tidal waves, pole shifts, nuclear war, and a zombie apocalypse. Even Planet X aka Nibiru was supposed to show up, but it didn’t…again. The scenarios even went as far as someone saying that Nostradamus predicted that the world would end due to Psy reaching one billion hits on YouTube for his “Gangnam Style” song. That’s actually pretty funny, but honestly speaking, this song needs to die…like now.

Obviously the world didn’t end. December 21, 2012 was just another day. A Friday. One more day closer to Christmas. Did you buy all your Christmas presents, or did you waste it on 2012 survival gear, canned food, useless trinkets, or an underground bunker hoping that all hell would break loose? If you did the latter then my friend the joke was on you. How stupid do you feel right now after getting all worked up over nothing?

Just like Y2K, the dreaded Mayan Apocalypse was nothing but a hoax. A bunch of hype orchestrated by the History Channel, Discovery Channel, Coast to Coast AM, false prophets, doomsayers on YouTube, and a bunch of whacko “scientists” that supposedly talked to aliens. In other worlds, a bunch of weirdos with no life, a possible death wish, and a brilliant marketing strategy all to get your money. These people all seriously claimed, with scientific evidence, that the Earth as we know it was coming to a cataclysmic end. They also wanted to cash in on the feeble minded by scaring you, and making you believe in a bunch of bullshit that just wasn’t there.

Now as some of you emerge from your underground shelters expecting hellfire and brimstone, planes falling from the sky, nuclear fallout, alien invasion, or hordes of zombies here’s a news flash. All that shit didn’t happen. Instead all your going to find is a bunch of people packing into their local Wal-Marts buying those last minute Christmas gifts just so that they can save face in front of their families, because they thought the world was going to end. Yes, all you weirdos will find yourself in good company as you look for some cheap gifts to wrap up along with all that unneeded survival gear. Yeah I’d love to see the look on little Johnny’s face on Christmas morning where instead of a brand new toy he unwraps a gift containing a 2012 survival guide and a can of Spam.

And where are the doomsayers you ask. Well they’re in hiding right now. I’m sure they’ll emerge from their basements in the next few days with a brand new date based on some new quantum mathematic equation and some bullshit theory to back it up. Some will even say their calculations were slightly off. All we’re going to say is “seriously man, the whole Mayan apocalypse thing was bullshit so kiss my ass.” Only the good Lord upstairs knows when the world will end and he’s not going to tell anyone when it will happen so don’t believe what you see on TV or on the internet.

In closing, keep in mind that the Mayans never predicted the end of the world. If they were able to predict Earth’s end then why couldn’t they predict when their civilization was conquered by the Spanish Conquistadors? Just something to think about.

December 21, 2012

It’s been a date that we’ve all been hearing about for a long time. Supposedly on this date the world as we know it will come to an end…or does it? For years there have been many “Doomsayers” writing ridiculous stories and posting videos on YouTube with all that dramatic music, CGI video, and poor spelling and grammar aimed at scaring people. Then there’s the Mayan Calendar, I-Ching, and Nostradamus. The list goes on and on. The 2012 movie even “warned us” of impending doom, but understand that it was only a movie. Besides it’s also hard to believe about doom and gloom from a president played by Danny Glover. I guess Morgan Freeman was busy that day.

Lets take a minute and ponder this. How many times have we all heard about the end of the world? It’s like a revolving door of dates that just keep on coming and show no signs of stopping. Seriously, theres a ton of dates. Check out this LINK to see how many times people thought the world was going to end. Here’s some popular dates on when the world was supposed to end.

January 1, 2000: Y2K! Computer systems and other machinery were expected to crash or malfunction causing major catastrophe. Didn’t happen.

May 2003: Planet X aka “Nibiru” which was a planet four times the size of Jupiter, or a brown dwarf star, would collide into the Earth. Obviously didn’t happen. By the way the person who said this would happen said she learned of it through aliens commnicating via an implant in her brain.

May 21, 2011: The Rapture. Supposedly this was the day that there would be major earthquakes around the globe and “God’s select people” would leave the Earth. Five months later on October 21, 2011 the world would end. Well nobody mysteriously disappeared and once again the world didn’t end.

With all the failed dates passed, we once again come back to December 21, 2012. This date by doomsayers is the penultimate day, because this date signifies the end of the Mayan calendar. Some mark this day as Armageddon. Others say we will enter a new state of consciousness. The rest of us just think it will be another day. So what exactly is supposed to happen on this day? Well lets look at the scenarios.

Solar Flares: Currently the Sun is in a period called a “Solar Maximum” where it produces the greatest amount of solar activity. We’ve been in this period since 2008. Doomsayers believe on December 21, 2012 a solar flare so big will either destroy the entire world’s power grid taking months to years to get back online, or basically destroy all life on the planet according to the final minutes of the movie Knowing. While solar flares always pose a danger in terms of everything electric NASA has stated that the Knowing scene will not happen. Plus it was a movie starring Nicholas Cage so lets not get too worked up on this.

Planet X aka Nibiru Makes An Appearance: Ok, didn’t we already debunk this theory back in 2003? Well it’s back again and everyone believes they have seen it. Seen what exactly? If there was some giant planet, or brown dwarf star, on it’s way towards us we would all be able to see it by now. Doomsayers say it’s hidden behind the Sun. Some say that “it’s not a moon…it’s a space station.” Others believe that it will cause a pole shift that will take place quicker than Dominoes delivering a pizza to your house. C’mon people. Once again this is obviously bullshit. Want a good laugh, watch the video below.

The NWO: Some believe that the world will not end by some intergalactic anomaly, but by man. Nuclear war, terrorist attacks, sabotage. Basically everything we create will be turned against us. A New World Order is what they’re calling it. They’re goals: population control, eliminating religion, a preservation of nature. Doomsayers and conspiracy theorists use the Denver International Airport as their proof. However, I’m still trying to get over the fact on how the world will possibly be ruled by Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan? Once again I’m calling Bullshit!

NASA has already stated for years that none of this 2012 nonsense is going to happen, so why does everyone fear it so much? Do people have a death wish and really want the world to end? Maybe the doomsayers want to scare you just enough to make you buy all their needless shit. If you really believe that the world is going to end in a few days then do me a favor and send me all your money. I have no 2012 survival guides, underground shelters, magical trinkets, or intergalactic spaceships, but I’ll be happy to spend your money. Seriously, there’s nothing to worry about. Trust me when I tell you that when you wake up on December 22, 2012 you’ll still be here. As for the doomsayers…we’ll be laughing at them while they go into hiding. Surely they’ll return once again with a new date based on some quantum mathematics equation that they pulled out of their ass along with some cockamamie theory to back it up. Just remember that they’re all full of shit, and only the good Lord upstairs knows when time is up so don’t worry about it. Enjoy the rest of 2012, Happy Holidays, and let’s get ready for 2013 and beyond.

Store up your canned goods and ammo. If Romney is elected he will bring forth the zombie apocalypse. Who better to know than Joss Whedon. Remember, you’ve been warned.

The release of Darksiders back in 2010 was one of my favorite games at that time. An apocalyptic adventure that combined franchises including The Legend of Zelda, God of War, and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. All of this while starring as one of the legendary Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. War was an absolute badass in the first game as he took on the forces of Heaven and Hell on a quest to clear his name for the Apocalypse that wiped out the race of mankind. Now I get to enjoy more of the story, but this time I get to play as the Grim Reaper himself.

Darksiders 2, from THQ and Vigil Games, takes place alongside the events of the first game. This time I get to step into the role of Death who by the way looks like a combination of Casey Jones and Skeletor. The brother of War is on a mission to prove War’s innocence along with trying to restore the race of men. However, it looks like the forces of evil have other plans up their sleeves as they try to keep the remaining Horsemen out of the picture. Corruption runs deep within the roots of the Nether Realm, and Death believes that the Tree of Life has all the answers along with what could be the key to resurrecting humanity. Getting there however will be a challenge, but this Horseman is clearly up to the task.

The storyline in Darksiders 2 is enough to hook me in and not let go. It’s deep, engrossing, and made me want to see what happened next. When I had to stop playing due to work and sleep the game would start me back up where I left off last and give me a “Previously on Battlestar Galactica” moment to fill me in on the key events that took place before my last save. I like that. Of course there’s other features that made this sequel better than the original game yet stayed the course on it’s core mechanics which made the first Darksiders game successful.

The first thing about Darksiders 2 that amazed me is the sheer size of the world I traveled in. The Nether Realm is so much larger than the Apocalyptic Earth from the previous game. The realm is littered with towns, villages, and of course the treacherous dungeons all which stood between me and the Tree of Life. From the first moment I took off on my horse Despair I felt just like Link riding Epona in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. There’s so much to explore in the game which kept me busy for hours just riding around looking for secrets, killing random enemies, and collecting gold along with other loot.

Speaking of gold and loot, Darksiders 2 also improved on the action/adventure formula by adding some RPG elements. Side quests to detract from the main campaign, level ups, upgrading weapons, skill trees, gold instead of souls to collect for currency, constant loot from killed enemies that you can immediately equip, interacting with NPC characters including returning characters like Vulgrim and Samael. This game has it all and it’s awesome. As I was playing and picking up experience I became so impressed with the incredible amount of depth the game possesses. This is a huge step over what was presented in the original Darksiders which is a game that I still play even if the Portal gun moments near the end of the game drove me batshit crazy at times.

Now what do I like best about this game? Combat! With the ideal of if “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” this area is pretty much untouched from the original game. Hack and slash bloodletting with my scythes, axes, hammers, and more is awesome and fulfilling. Add in wrath attacks and the combos become sickening. Some may find this a little repetitive and boring, but I disagree. I find the God of War combo driven gameplay fun and exciting. Finishing moves are back again where with just the tap of a button will slice, dice, decapitate, and rip enemies into shreds. If not for the entertaining storyline, Darksiders 2 also substitutes as a great stress reliever when I have a tough day at work.

Darksiders 2 takes a huge leap over the original blockbuster hit and succeeds. It’s not a perfect game, but it really doesn’t need to be because it’s a lot of fun to play. The amazing storyline as well as the awesome combat and platforming elements make Darksiders 2 enjoyable and addicting enough to make me not want to put the controller down. Between both main characters I have to say that playing as Death is even more fun than playing as War. His appeal is astounding and with no Watcher to limit him makes Death a badass. With the main campaign, new game plus, the unlockable Crucible, and plenty of DLC on the way it’s safe to assume that Darksiders 2 will be around for a long time. Death lives, and it’s time for me to kick some more ass.

Developer: THQ, Vigil Games
Platform: Xbox 360
Players: 1
Price: $59.99

Seattle. July 4, 1986. 185 days after the infection. The zombie apocalypse is well underway. Every day becomes a battle for survival against insurmountable odds. Do I continue on with my search for hope, or just put a bullet in my head and end the misery? Wait a minute! How many of these apocalyptic nightmare games have I been a part of? Way too many I suppose, but who cares. Bring on the zombies! Now where was I? Oh yeah, I’m struggling to survive to hopefully one day reunite with my family.

With no cure for the infection and no hope in sight, Randall Wayne goes on his endless search for hope. His urge to find his family is his only motivation for survival against the “shadows.” That’s the term used for the dark, red eyed menace that populate the streets of Seattle and are ready to ravage my corpse if I fail. The shadows are everywhere. Just when I think that the rotted mound of flesh on the ground is just another dead body it will end up being the one coming after me. The shadows aren’t the only problem in town. There’s also a faction called “The New Law” that seems to have their own agenda as well.

Deadlight, from Tequila Works, brings me back to a rather familiar territory…zombies. Sure it’s another apocalypse, but this time things feel a little different than what I’ve went through many times before. Most of the time it’s me putting round after round into the heads of the undead leaving them in a bloody mess. Deadlight is a little different as it’s more about surviving. There is the occasional weapon here and there which allow me to dish out some zombie justice, but ammo is limited and stamina becomes an issue. Sometimes it’s better to run from the danger rather than face it head on.

Playing as a 2D/3D side scrolling platformer, Deadlight channels memories of when I played the trial and error nightmare of Limbo especially when I reached the second act featuring a character known as “The Rat.” Running and jumping was more important than shooting and melee attacks as I reached for new heights. Sometimes I failed a jump or twos which led me to my death as I was impaled by spikes, but after a while I got the mechanics down making the game a tad easier while still dying here and there. At least when I died I would revive at the last checkpoint due to my ability of the unlimited continue.

The zombified shadows reminded me of walkers in The Walking Dead which is quite creepy. I never knew if a person was alive or undead as I walked past them. Then the chill set in as they got up and started to chase me down. Good thing these shadows are rather dumb as I would solve a random puzzle here and there to do things like electrify them, cause them to fall to their deaths from a deep hole in the ground, and even drop a heavy object or two on them. Watching the shadows die was pretty satisfying and even drew a chuckle from me. As for The New Law? Well that’s a challenge in itself especially when they have a chopper and they’re shooting at me.

Unique visuals reminiscent of Shadow Complex, graphic novel presentation, tough as hell platforming, plenty of collectibles to find, easy to earn achievements based on popular ’80s songs, and a few plot twists that had me saying “What the fuck!” Deadlight clearly is a game that is far from perfect, but it does have just enough to keep me interested in the 2-3 hours that it takes to beat the game.

Developer: Tequila Works
Platform: Xbox Live Arcade
Players: 1
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points ($15.00)