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So here I am a little over one month removed after making the trade of my 2011 Camaro SS and acquiring the 2012 Camaro ZL1. I must say that I’m really enjoying the ride. The amazing LSA supercharged engine delivering 580 horsepower and 557 lbs of torque makes this car a force to be reckoned with both on the streets and on the track. Now that I’m one month in driving this awesome piece of automotive engineering let me share with you some of my experiences in the ZL1.

First off, I’ve noticed an increased police presence. From the first time I drove my new car home to today I’ve seen more state troopers and local cops on the road both on speed traps or trailing my car hoping to write me a speeding ticket. So far their attempts have failed (knock on wood), but they continue to try. I guess this is what I get for buying a red car. Color makes all the difference and red equals a target to the cops. It’s a lesson learned for me, but to be honest I love the color of the car even if it wasn’t even in my top three colors that I was interested in.

Second, I’ve seen an increased amount of wannabe racers wanting to take me on. It really makes me laugh when someone pulls up in the shitty Honda, rev the engine a few times, and make their challenge to me. Recently at a street light at Port St. Lucie a Honda Civic pulled up to me, rolled down his window, revved the engine, and challenged my ride. All I had to do was rev my engine and I watched the window of the jackass in the Civic quickly roll back up. C’mon people, are you serious! You have no chance. Do me a favor and stop embarrassing yourself.

On a positive note I love all the attention I’ve been getting. Heads are turning everywhere as my car drives on by on Hutchinson Island. Everyone at work asks questions about my car wanting to know about the power and handling. I even take questions from random people at traffic lights who’ve never seen the car before, although I’m sure they’ve seen plenty of Camaros out on the road. I think it’s great that people are so interested making my purchase of the ZL1 even more exciting then the day I rolled out of the dealership.

So what are my plans in the following months. Well I plan to continue to show off my ride in car shows once my time at the St. Lucie outage is over. I joined Space Coast Camaros and plan to attend a few events towards the end of the year so people can get a glimpse of my ride up close. I still can’t get over the fact that I was able to acquire the car I’ve been chasing for months. The Camaro ZL1 is awesome and I just can’t get enough of driving this amazing car and it’s only been one month. I’m sure there will be plenty of adventures down the long road ahead. Now if I can only get the damn weather to cooperate with me when it comes to washing and waxing my car.

Finally! After months of excitement, anxiety, disappointment, anger, and constant debating the wait is finally over. It has happened. The roller coaster ride has ended. The 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 is all mine. For the final time I said goodbye to my 2011 SS that brought me nothing but great memories. Now, I officially welcome the beast. 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 #595 is here and she kicks some major ass.

When I made the trip to Bob Steele Chevrolet the only thing that crossed my mind continuously was that I was heading back to “eBay Chevrolet.” The same place that made me mad about the price bump and lousy trade offer. I kept my cool when I arrived and this time it was a new salesperson that I got to deal with. It looked like this experience was going to be much better, and it was.

After the casual meeting with Will it was time to check out the car. Victory Red was the color and the thought entered my head that this car is the exact same car that was here three months ago. It was! Sounds like these guys were desperate to make a sale especially at GM Employee Pricing. I already knew what to expect from the car and with no test drive allowed I had to make a decision. Should I commit? Well all that depended on the trade in value of my Supercharged SS.

With all the upgrades installed by GM I knew that their previous bullshit offer was not going to work with me. I didn’t expect much and kept my expectations rather low. Thoughts rang in my head that disappointment was soon to follow. At least they’ll give me a gas card for my troubles if there was no deal. The pressure was all on them to deliver. Then the offer came in and the shock went across my face. Wow! this trip was worth it. They made the offer I couldn’t refuse. I made a call to my mom back home and told her there’s a new car on the way. She thought I was nuts, but when I told her the offer I got for my car she was happy. I immediately told the salesman to get the paperwork. This ZL1 is mine.

After the commitment of buying the car was implemented it was time for the drive, and what a ride it was. The ZL1 shifted and idled so smooth which was much better than the SS. The handling on the turns was amazing. Of course the best part was the drive itself especially when I took it on I-95 and surpassed 120 mph off the on ramp. The adrenaline was rushing at an all time high and the smile on my face continued to grow. My excitement was on par with The Dukes of Hazard when the General Lee did one of it’s famous jumps. The only thing the other cars saw on the road was a red blur speed right past them.

Once I was handed the keys it was time to say goodbye to my Black 2011 Camaro SS. She was a beauty and for a minute a tear went down my eye. I said once before that I would keep this car. It was a sad moment to hand over the keys. At one point I was a little reluctant, but the transfer was done. I did have one request and that was to do a lineup with both cars. Will said they were going to do it anyway. When my ZL1 was ready she stood right next to my SS. I took a few pictures in between both cars and then started up my SS for the last time giving it a few revs of the supercharged V8 engine. It was a great send off. Now it was time to get in my new ZL1 and drive off into the sunset.

As I drove home to Palm Bay for the official revealing to my family I knew that they were going to be happy with my purchase. While driving back All I could think about is that I’m now part of an elite club. Sure there’s a few people who own a Camaro whether it’s a V6 or V8, but I’m the only man in town with a ZL1. That puts me on the top of the food chain as Mustangs will choke in my smoke as I see them in my rear view mirror. It’s time to make some new memories and this time I’m sticking to my word that I’m keeping this car. Seriously!

After all the crap I went through in the past couple of months of trying to acquire a Camaro ZL1, I gave up on the search and decided to upgrade my own ride. My 2011 Camaro SS has been upgraded with a new Edelbrock “E-Force” Supercharger, Flowmaster Exhaust Package, new 21″ OEM Black Wheels, and I added a Four-Gauge Cluster which was not originally available in the 1SS model. This is only the beginning of the work. Next up is the window tinting, leather interior, and some new Chevy bowties with black and billet. Check out these before and after photos.

A big “thank you” goes out to the parts and service departments at Rosner Chevrolet in Melbourne, Florida for helping me out with all the upgrades so far.

Edelbrock “E-Force” Supercharger

Flowmaster Exhaust Package

New Wheels

Four-Gauge Cluster Added

Startup Video

It’s been a roller coaster ride for the past couple of weeks. The quest for “Godzilla” aka the Chevy Camaro ZL1 has been filled with very few highs along with plenty of lows. Pitches from clueless salespeople who hype you up with promises of inventory yet have nothing to show for it when you eventually call their bluff. Charging you outrageous prices that are way over MSRP. I even had people who don’t have the common courtesy to answer you back. Sure it sounds like a ton of negatives, but then again when has the car buying experience ever been easy and pleasant?

While there were moments where I just wanted to give up, I kept my resolve knowing that the goal was achievable. Nothing was going to stop me from acquiring the 580 horsepower beast that turns heads around every street corner. Everyday I lose hope only to have my faith restored at the end. The light at the end of the tunnel gets just a little bit brighter.

Earlier this week I mentioned that an internet salesperson at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet in Duluth, Georgia told me about a shipment of three ZL1s arriving at their dealership. While I was excited at first I quickly gathered my composure thinking that this may only be a sales ploy just to get me in the door. I told him to call me when they arrive so that I may consider a purchase. Well I think you know where this is going. That’s right. No call back. What else is new.

At some point you think the same old song and dance would just get a little too annoying as well as kill my self esteem. However, it was a phone call from Starling Chevrolet in St. Cloud, Florida that would change everything as well as lead me to where I stand today. The saleswoman was very happy to hear from me and was able to answer all my questions. Something that all the other salespeople were unable to do.

After the phone call I knew that it was time to make a decision. Is the 2012 Camaro ZL1 achievable? Well that would be a no. However, a 2013 Camaro ZL1 clearly is. So the next move for me is to place an order for the new model year with all the features that I want without all the overcharged prices. Of course I need to get back home in Florida before I’m able to do this. Now all I need is a layoff from my nuke outage job in Alabama. Well that might take a bit because the job seems to have been extended for another week or two. Oh well at least the end result of my new ride will be worth the wait.

Another day, another denial. With no visits planned anytime soon I feel my interest in the Chevy Camaro ZL1 beginning to fade away. My latest attempt to get the ball rolling hit a very large wall. A wall that even I couldn’t see. I don’t know what’s up with these dealerships, but I guess a sale from an interested customer is not enough for them.

The latest attempt took place on the internet through Lynn Layton Chevrolet in Decatur, Alabama. After expressing my interest in the car I received an immediate response from their internet sales department. The representative was happy to deal with me in the beginning talking about the car as well as the possibility of having one in stock due to a customer who backed away from their order. Seriously speaking, why would you back away from this badass ride? Well I found out why. It was because it had to do with the fact that he was going to receive a 2013 instead of a current 2012 which at the time are out of production.

The internet salesman, whose name I’ll leave out, tried to push me to take his order without knowing any details on the vehicle. C’mon! You don’t think I’m going to rush head first into a sale not knowing what’s on it. After a few discussions I started to ask about it. The ZL1 was in Inferno Orange which is a big no for me because it’s not a color I’m interested in. I did ask about the thought of ordering because I didn’t really mind if I had to wait until the 2013 models. Sadly this is where the invisible wall found itself in place. I have received no word back from the dealer. None whatsoever. This was a huge disappointment.

At this point I didn’t know what to do next. The euphoria of purchasing the ZL1 has almost completely disappeared. While I have said in the past that I refuse to give up this latest episode has almost got me convinced that the quest may in fact be over…or is it?

For months it’s been teasing me. Constant ads on television, radio, and print media. The 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1. A 6.2 liter supercharged V8 engine that delivers 580 horses of monstrous power tearing up the asphalts of America. It’s the equivalent of the Holy Grail. The must have vehicle of Camaro enthusiasts worldwide. Sure the price tag may top over $60,000, along with local dealerships overcharging past the MSRP due to their greed, but that won’t stop the materialistic masses who cherish that “Need For Speed.” As for me, consider myself one of the masses who craves more power.

Now before I go any further let me set the record straight. Last year, I bought my Camaro. A 2011 Chevy Camaro SS. A V8 dreamcar that roars down roadways with authority. A real head turner as I ride down the city streets. I absolutely love my car. However, the mere thought of wanting the new 2012 Camaro ZL1 has me going crazy. The quest for the grail has officially begun. Decisions have now been addressed. What do I do? Do I trade in my V8 black beauty for an upgrade in horsepower, or do I keep my baby and ignore the perpetual desire?

Last year, I said that after I bought the SS that I would never purchase another car. I really meant it. My how times have changed. Now here I am today pondering over the purchase of…another car. They say that when you buy a new car you get this overwhelming feeling of happiness. In dealership jargon they call this “Ether.” Eventually the ether wears off after a few weeks and what your left with is making payments on a car that maybe you didn’t need. Sure I had the ether, but after it wore off what I had was love. Love for my badass Camaro no matter what the payment was. It’s fast, furious, and fun. If my Camaro was a woman then thus far I’ve shown my loyalty to her. Now just the thought of upgrading to the ZL1 makes me feel like I’m cheating on her. I feel so dirty.

As I pondered the questions, I went forward with the decision on the possibility of purchasing the ZL1. I went online to the Chevy website and entered the required information to show my interest. I even got the value of my trade. Within minutes at least four dealerships responded with their random e-mails introducing themselves and wanting to meet me to talk about the car. In that moment I felt like I was in a pool surrounded by hungry sharks circling their prey seeing fresh blood. The phone calls then followed the very next day with hungry salesmen wanting that big pay day. You can sense the desperation in their eager voices for that commission so that they can spend another day feasting themselves on more pizza and beer. One went as far to say that “he wants to be the first to sell one.” Maybe someone needs to tell him to slow his damn role. I’m not that desperate. At least not yet.

With all the thoughts surrounding me all I can think about is what’s better. Trade or trick out my ride? That is the burning question. For now the adventure has only begun. Next stop is the dealership to see the hungry salespeople up close and personal and decipher whether the “juice is really worth the squeeze.” I might also want to bring a harpoon or two just to keep the sharks at bay or else things could really get ugly.

More on my quest for the ZL1 coming soon.