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Ok, so how many of you were rejoicing when Microsoft changed their restrictive policies regarding the Xbox One? You all felt like you won a huge battle, because you believed that Microsoft was actually listening to you. In reality, what it really boiled down to was the fact that Microsoft shareholders were not happy, and the Xbox One was getting destroyed in pre orders by the PlayStation 4 by nearly an 8 to 1 margin worldwide. Sure gamers like you and I were pissed, but what we did was we voted with our wallets and Microsoft got the message. In return they changed their policies. Now just when some of you thought it was ok to drink the Microsoft Kool-Aid again some online petitions have shown up asking to reverse the changes.

Here’s the link to one of the petitions:

So let me get this straight. What this person is asking for is the return of DRM. The return of no used games. The return of the 24 hour check in (1 hour check in at a friends house). The return of family sharing (actually Microsoft should’ve never removed this, because that was a good idea). Basically every restriction that was originally in place in order to have what this person called “Steam for Xbox.” Are you out of your mind! Well quite a few people don’t think so, because they’ve signed on, and it looks like this petition is gaining steam through the power of the internet.

Now my first impression when I saw this was that this has to be the work of those internet “trolls” just looking for some attention. However, this does not seem to be the case since there are others who agree with this narrow-minded view. Of course there are plenty of other signees who come off as your typical fanboys and just wanted to sign it so that Microsoft can fail if a reversal would happen. Nothing beats the post from Dtrex Gaming saying “It’s so important so that the Xbox One is shittier again.”

The big question in all of this would be whether Microsoft would even consider reverting to their original vision of the Xbox One as the “future of entertainment” instead of what is now a beefed up Xbox 360. Honestly, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll go back to their original plan, because it will make them look a lot weaker as a company then they already look right now due to the change. Constant flip-flopping is a bad idea for Microsoft, because it will make those people who did pre order the Xbox One think twice. Microsoft has spent too much time and money on the original idea for Xbox One only to change it all of a sudden with a day one downloadable patch which is the proverbial “off switch” to it’s restrictive policies. However, with every “off switch” there is also an “on switch” where this petition could eventually serve it’s purpose down the line. Keep in mind that “Microsoft has the right to change their policies at any given time without notice.”

In closing, I could care less about this petition. Microsoft can do whatever they want with the Xbox One. I’m not buying it. I already voted with my wallet weeks ago when I pre ordered the PS4. However, if I was to start an online petition to Microsoft I would just ask for the return of family sharing, because that was the only feature on the Xbox One that actually made sense.

TV, TV, TV, Sports, Sports, Sports, Call of Duty.

What a letdown. May 21, 2013 was supposed to be the day when Microsoft would reveal a new generation of Xbox. Instead what I saw was a one hour tech demo starring my television. “Introducing Xbox One.” Xbox One! What a shitty name, but I did understand the eventual message of an all in one console. I thought I was going to see the next generation of gaming. Instead all I got was another high def cable box along with a new Kinect for me to issue commands to. This was what I was so excited about? What a bunch of horse shit! Where were the games?


For an event that was being watched by gamers, Microsoft really showed that they were catering to a different crowd. E3 was less than a month away, and I figured that they would showcase the games there. That settled me down for a bit, but then the shit storm came. Draconian DRM policies, no used games, a once every 24 hour check in, no backwards compatibility, the always on Kinect listening and watching you. All of a sudden my rage kicked in. What was Microsoft thinking? For the next three weeks myself, along with the rest of the gaming community, were pissed off at Microsoft and began looking towards Sony for salvation.

When E3 arrived I still wanted to see what Microsoft brought to the table in terms of games. I had my olive branch in hand ready to forgive Microsoft for their stupidity. Hopefully they’ll answer all my burning questions after a nightmare PR statement revealed a week before E3. What they gave me was a 21 gun salute of game after game after game. I was overwhelmed! Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Halo, Ryse, Crimson Dragon, and more. Microsoft’s show was impressive, but they still didn’t answer the questions that the gaming community wanted answered. Eventually Don Mattrick did answer the question about an always online console. “If you don’t have internet we have a console for you. It’s called the Xbox 360.” Not a good choice of words Don. Oh, and then there was the $499 price tag. This made me anticipate Sony’s press conference just a little bit more.

Once Sony took the stage I knew that I was in for a treat. Sure they talked a bit about entertainment, but this was really a night for the games. Oh, and they also showed the console which looked really sleek. Then again anything would’ve looked better than that Betamax Xbox One. The games were impressive, but what really got me was when Jack Tretton answered every gamer’s questions. No DRM, used games are welcome, I can share my games with anyone, and no 24 hour check in. The crowd erupted in applause, and I had a smile from ear to ear. Then came the bombshell of a $399 price tag. That made me even happier than ever. It also made my decision much easier, because that next morning I pre ordered a PlayStation 4.


Considering the fact that I’ve been with the Xbox brand for the last decade, the tough decision to return to Sony had me branded as a traitor by some fanboys out there questioning my “loyalty.” Let me state for the record that I have no loyalty to anyone. Before I was playing games on Xbox I had the original PlayStation and the PS2. What I think about is what’s better for me, and Sony impressed me more with the PS4. Sony showed in both their February 20 reveal along with their E3 press conference that they realized they fucked up with the PS3. They also knew that what was important to them was the gamer, so they made a console tailored for gamers. In a way the PS4 is basically the PS2 all over again except for more power and a few new options. It’s simple, it’s cheaper, and I like it.

Now Microsoft may have reversed their policies last week, but this desperate 180 measure is not going to sway me back. The damage was already done. The bridge has been burnt. You just can’t all of a sudden change your policies and expect the masses to run back like the bandwagon Miami Heat fans did during Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Microsoft said that they were listening to their customers. The reality was that they realized they were getting gang raped by Sony in the pre-sale battle. So they abandoned their vision of the Xbox One just to cater to the masses and be just like the PS4 except more expensive and still having that spybot Kinect. Honestly, I think that anyone who all of a sudden crawls back to Microsoft is an idiot. Keep in mind that “Microsoft has the right to change their policies at any time without notice” meaning they could revert to all their original policies again in a few years. Well I don’t need to worry about all that crap, because I’m sticking with Sony.

Now that my decision is made, and my PlayStation 4 preordered for a day one pickup this November, I can finally focus on my next venture. The games. Now what titles should I buy first?