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Marvel vs Capcom 2. Clearly one of the greatest fighting games of all time. It’s also one of my all time favorites. Street Fighter, superheroes, villains, as well as other Capcom characters together for one hell of a fight. Honestly, I can’t get enough of this game. I play it to death on Xbox Live, but now I can take the game on the go with my iPad. The question is whether the touchscreen controls would really work for a game of this caliber. Well that is sort of a mixed bag.

Capcom decided to not make any major changes in the game where graphics are concerned. Considering the fact that most other games have received a HD remix, Marvel vs Capcom 2 is just one of those games that should be untouched. I think that the pixelated blockiness is alright even if it shows the game’s age rather significantly. However, there are moments of noticeable slowdown especially when there are more characters and action on the screen.

My only concern with this version has to do with the controls themselves. I questioned if the touchscreen controls can keep up with all the intense high flying action that this game delivers. Well unfortunately this is where things get a little complicated. In other words your either going to love it or hate it. I chose to go with a six button control scheme with your punches, kicks, and assists. Some of the moves were a bitch to pull off in the beginning, but I was able to adjust myself later. I’m still having trouble with the tag ins and a few super moves, but with time I should be alright.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 was tough to resist for the $2.99 asking price (special price during The Avengers launch weekend), but in the overall picture I still found it fun to play even if the controls make you scream in agony. Just give it some time, along with an update or two, and things will be just fine. Definitely fun for the fans and fighting game enthusiasts.

Publisher: Capcom
Platform: iPad & iPhone
Version: 1.0
Players: 1-2
Price: $4.99

Amateur controls help make the game a bit simpler for newcomers
A much improved career mode
The addition of PRIDE

Commentary can get a bit repetitive
Fast moving round clock during the fights

It’s been almost two years since the last UFC game to grace home consoles. Both UFC Undisputed 2009 and 2010 were great games, but there was still some issues keeping it from being the ultimate fan experience. Well THQ listened to the hardcore fans and then went to work. The end result is almost as close to fighting in the actual octagon itself. It’s Time! This is the review for UFC Undisputed 3 and here we go.

Like the past couple of games the presentation is once again top notch. Each of the fighters are well designed just like their real world counterparts. You’ll catch all the familiar personnel like the cut-men, trainers, referees and even the drop dead sexy Octagon Girls. Bruce Buffer has the introductions and post fight results. Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan have the full play by play commentary. From the Tale of the Tape all the way to the final decision the presentation is once again 100 percent authentic to the product.

UFC Undisputed 3 features one of the largest rosters of fighters to date. Champions, stars, legends and current contenders make up the huge roster. Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Matt Hughes, George St. Pierre, Anderson Silva, Uriah Faber, the now retired Brock Lesnar, the list goes on and on. Still no Randy Couture yet, but rumors are speculating future DLC. Bantamweight and Featherweight weight classes have also been added to the mix.

PRIDE fans will be happy to know that the fight club from overseas in Japan has arrived and it’s awesome. Once again the presentation is top notch (Tip: watch the entire opening sequence without pressing Start for an easy achievement/trophy). PRIDE’s rules are a bit different from the UFC especially when it comes to time limits as well as the familiar foot stomps to the head when your opponent is on the mat. While I am a huge fan of the octagon, I have to admit that PRIDE is pretty kick ass as well.

With UFC Undisputed 3, the biggest change is with the control scheme. Some players have complained that performing basic moves in the octagon was a little too difficult. So a solution was made to make the game a bit more user friendly. The new Amateur setup helps making some transitions in the clinch and in the ground game. Now let me just state that the easier control scheme may feature a few flicks of the left or right a analog stick, but it’s not completely “dumbed down.” I tried it out in the beginning and found it very entertaining to work the fight without having to remember all those complex functions.

One of the most notable changes in the controls has to do with pulling off submissions. Sure knocking out an opponent is cool to get a roar from the crowd, however getting your opponent to tap out is even more satisfying. In UFC Undisputed 3, getting your opponent to submit is much easier than in the past. Previous games had you working the analog stick in circles to get the right movement. Now it’s more like a game of cat and mouse. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Once you initiate a submission move an octagon will appear on the screen. You must place your cursor over your opponents to get the submission. This is not as easy as it looks because your opponent’s meter is running away from you instigating the chase. Wait to long to get the cover their cursor and your opponent will gain the advantage.

Another change comes in the game’s career mode. The most noticeable is the fact that you can now select a fighter on the roster and take control of their career all the way to the UFC Hall of Fame. This will make a big difference in the overall fighter numbers as well as make your progress a tad easier in the  process. Of course there’s also the create a fighter option. The numbers will be a bit lower, and the challenge is more difficult, but there is a big payoff when it comes to the game’s achievements and trophies. As for the mode in a nutshell, the buildup to each fight is shorter to work with along with some easy to navigate menus making the experience even better than before. For once, the career mode is actually more fun to play.

Ultimate Fights returns once again with a beefed up new gameplay mode, although the concept is still the same. Here you get to select from a collection of some of the most memorable fights, KOs, and submissions in the history of the UFC and PRIDE. Each fight has a checklist for you to complete marking the fight’s key moments. Your mission is to perform these movements to make the fight as authentic as possible. I found Ultimate Fights awesome yet a pain in the ass at the same time. Sure it’s great to relive key moments from an epic encounter, but to pull each move off at a specific point can drive you mad. The good news is that when you complete each objectives on the checklist it is saved. Complete all the objectives and a video montage will unlock showing the fight highlights.

Online play is back, but nothing much has changed. You still have all the familiar modes like ranked and unranked matches, online fight camps, and much more. THQ also wanted to focus on the community as a whole by allowing you to share highlight videos of your wins which might just add that extra intimidation factor making future opponents just a little scared or maybe a bit more motivated in the process. As for the lag, well of all depends on your opponent, but the majority of matches I took part in were somewhat lag free. Just don’t expect perfection here because you’ll eventually face someone with a shitty connection or your typical rage quitter.

THQ made the long absence of a new UFC game worth the wait. UFC Undisputed 3 scores a huge TKO victory with it’s improved graphics, great presentation, easier controls, a better career mode, and the inclusion of PRIDE. UFC and fight fans all over the world, this game is an instant buy so stop wasting time and go get UFC Undisputed 3 right now.

The 3D fighting mechanics are well done and much improved over the previous versions
Fantastic visuals
Character Customization is better than ever
Multiplayer is fantastic

Single player game modes are lacking
Story Mode is short and boring
No character endings in Arcade Mode

“Chosen by history, a man becomes a warrior. Engraved into history, a warrior becomes a hero.”

Seventeen years have past since the last duel for the fabled soul swords between mere mortals along with some guests from a galaxy far, far away. Now they return again with the fire to wield their sword of choice. Destiny will be foretold. Legends will be made. The epic tale of souls and swords continues once again and the soul still burns in SoulCalibur V on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

SoulCalibur V, the sixth title in Namco’s “Soul Series” follows the tale of Patroklos, son of Sophitia, who’s on a quest to save his sister Pyrrah. Of course he’s also on a quest for the mystical blade Soul Calibur. I wonder which quest is more important to him? Honestly, the story is not going to matter that much to you, because it’s not the driving reason to purchase this game. You’ll want it for the amazing 3D weapon based fighting action, or maybe it’s because you wanted to stare at Ivy’s amazing rack. Either way it’s a win/win situation.

Being a fan of the Soul series since Soul Edge in the arcades, I was always amazed by the 3D weapon based fighting action. Sure the characters didn’t bleed out like some other games I’ve played including Bushido Blade and Deadliest Warrior, but the Soul series games had it’s own unique charm that immediately drew me in. Bad ass weapons, critical edge attacks, terrible English voiceovers, creating your own characters, and even the popular ring outs that drove everyone crazy in the arcades and in tournaments. The Soul series stood out from all the other fighters that clogged he market and that was a good thing. Ok, enough fanboy remarks. Let’s get back to the review.

So what’s so special about this game compared to the others in the series? Well for one thing there’s almost a complete overhaul in the cast. At least half the characters that have been mainstays in the series are gone and replaced by some fresh blood. Some are pretty original while others are more of a new face yet same weapon style of previous characters. The new faces really change things up and keep the series entertaining, but there are times where I’d rather have more of the fighters I’m used to using. Fans are already complaining about the lack of favorites, but I’m ok with the changes.

Guest characters are also back as well, but this time don’t expect any lightsabers and force powers. Ezio Auditore, from the hit Assassin’s Creed series, makes an appearance in SoulCalibur V and let me tell you that he really fits in with this cast rather than Spawn, Heihachi, Darth Vader, The Apprentice, and the “broken” Yoda. I’m really impressed with Ezio’s moves as well as incorporating his weapons like the crossbow and hidden blades to make it authentic. Controlling Ezio is like painting a work of art. He’s so fluid in his movements and keeps a good pace on the action unlike the slow Vader or overpowered Apprentice.

There’s also been a big change on the fighting department via the use of super moves ala Street Fighter. Branded as Brave and Critical Edge, these super moves help turn the tide of the fight and they look pretty cool as well. These super moves are based around a meter by your character’s life gauge. As the meter builds up you could then choose to use a Brave Edge consuming a half level of the meter, or use the Critical Edge and consume one full level of the meter. No more pain in the ass Critical Edges like what we had in SoulCalibur IV. While I do like the use of these moves there’s a part of me who feels that this has already been done in other fighting games. Was this really necessary? Not really, but they’re still fun to use when your in a pinch and your opponent is spamming you with the same two or three moves using Kilik.

Creating characters is also back this time around and this means it’s time to use your imagination to come up with some stylish, sexy and even wacky off the wall characters, or just make some new outfits for the existing fighters. Once again you can expect quite a bit of time being spent here. There’s so many items to equip along with colors and patterns to work with. The possibilities are endless, so you can expect some message boards as well as YouTube videos filled with created fighters. I’m sure you can expect some pop culture favorites like Kratos, Shredder, Ryu Hayabusa, Dante, Altair, some Mortal Kombat characters, superheroes, and a host of others (I’ve seen some already). While creating popular favorites are cool, I wish more gamers would just go outside the box and get crazy. That’s what I’m doing.

Now everything in this game is not as great as you want it to be. I do have a few gripes. One would be he fact that there is a severe lack of gameplay modes for single player. Some of you might think I’m crazy talking about single player, but think about it. SoulCalibur always had quite a few single player modes like Mission Mode or even the Tower of Lost Souls. Here your given Quick Fight, Arcade and Story Mode (starring only one character). Don’t get me started on Legendary Souls, because that mode is a real pain in the ass to complete. Also, there are no character endings whatsoever. Now that’s just plain lazy. Every fighting game including previous SoulCalibur games had endings for every fighter even if you never really cared about the storyline.

While the single player may not be to everyone’s liking the multiplayer will have you wanting to play for quite awhile. Lobbies have been set to talk to other players as well as challenge one another. Tournament options have also been added for expert players to showcase their talents. I will say that he online portion of SoulCalibur V is brilliant. It runs great with no lag issues plus you’ll find plenty of trash talking noobs to destroy.

So what else can I really say about SoulCalibur V? Sure the Story Mode is not very good, but then again when we all played Mortal Kombat the idea of what a story mode should be got us all spoiled on that notion. Yes, it’s missing a lot of single player options which sucks, but maybe it’s time to take your talents (or lack thereof) online for some real action. Maybe the characters are a bit unbalanced (like Nightmare), bit give it a couple of updates and everything will be ok. SoulCalibur V may not be the best game in the series, but it’s far from the worst so don’t give in to all the negativity as of late. The fighting action is still top notch, the game is still fun, and it’s got Ezio Auditore. If your a fan then this is a buy. For everyone else might I suggest a rental or wait for a price drop.

Game looks great on the iPhoneiPad

The price is a little high
Controls are a little tough to master
No Mission Mode
No Multiplayer

Review Based on Version 1.0.0

After more than a decade, SoulCalibur finds itself ported to another platform. Now “The epic tale of souls and swords” goes mobile and it almost looks just as good as it did in the arcade and on consoles. Namco brings SoulCalibur to iOS devices and fans are excited to see it arrive. Some die hard fans of the game have already made the impulse purchase. However I’m here to tell you that not everything is as perfect as you want it to be.

Now I’m not going to lie to to you, but I’m a big fan of the series since the release of Soul Edge in the arcade. SoulCalibur was the first title that I purchased when the Dreamcast launched and I was hooked to this particular game as I would play for hours at a time. This game had it all. Currently I have SoulCaibur on Xbox Live Arcade and it’s great despite the fact that it’s missing the awesome Mission Mode and some form of online multiplayer. Sadly for iOS devices, it’s just like the XBLA version except it’s much tougher to control and it’s a little more pricey.

SoulCalibur on the iPhone and iPad features all the typical game modes including Arcade, Time Attack, Survival, and Extra Survival (same as Survival except with a smaller ring and one hit KOs). There’s also a practice mode for those who might have a bit of trouble pulling off the attacks and combos, or maybe want to learn how to own the game by playing as Kilik like most other spammers in this game do. Let me just state that even though you might consider yourself a pro I would suggest practicing on this version  so that you can get used to the tough control scheme, because they can be quite frustrating at times even though the layout is very familiar to Street Fighter IV: Volt. Let’s just say that there’s a big difference with touchscreen controls compared to control pads and fight sticks.

There are a couple of big differences between the XBLA version and the iOS version of the game. One of those differences has to do with the characters themselves. All 19 characters are represented on both versions, however the iOS versions added to the replay value by making you unlock characters after completing the game just like it was in the arcades and the Dreamcast. The other difference has to do with the price. The XBLA version, released a while back, will only set you back $10 dollars (800 Microsoft points). Sadly the iOS version costs $11.99 which is currently at a 20 percent discount. Are you kidding me! I don’t think I really want to do the math to see what the full price is. That is really expensive for a game in the App Store. Honestly, it’s better to wait for a price drop because there’s always going to be a sale.

SoulCalibur is a great game, but i don’t think it’s a game that’s meant to be played on the iPhone and iPad. At least it’s not completely dumbed down into 2D like Virtua Fighter 2 was for the Sega Genesis. I’m sure that after a few more updates to work on the controls, and maybe find a way to have some sort of multiplayer then just maybe SoulCalibur is worth the download. However for now I would just pass unless you think it’s really worth the high price.