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Gravity physics are well done
This game is so addictive
Plenty of free updates down the road

Path arc and Space Eagle makes the game slightly less challenging

Review based on Version 1.0 (iPhone) and HD Version 1.0.1 (iPad 3)

Can you hear that sound America? It’s the sound of lost production in the workplace. People calling in sick. Parents forgetting to pick up the kids from school. Just about everything has shut down. Why? Because of an addiction. An addiction to one of the greatest mobile games of all time. Angry Birds! Now that I have my new iPad 3, I can finally end the search for that first big game to play in glorious HD. Angry Birds Space! Yeah I know that there are so many versions of the popular game along with a few clones, but this new one is different. It’s innovative, challenging, and it’s in space. Yes, even in space nobody can hear a pig scream, but you sure can hear the sounds of cheering birds in the thrill of victory.

Angry Birds Space, from Rovio, is the fourth game in the series which also includes the original, Rio, and Seasons. The first three games felt like more of the same except with different environments along with a new bird or two joining the cast. Rovio felt that it was time for a change. Space becomes the new pig busting frontier. Now the effects of gravity play a key role in success, or hitting the refresh button to start all over again. However, the only thing that will not change is your addiction to these lovable yet angry avian war birds. Let the addictive fun begin…again.

Now I’m sure that everyone is somewhat familiar with how Angry Birds works. For anyone that is new all I have to say is where have you been all this time? You still have the same concept of using your finger to aim a slingshot to propel your birds, but this time you will send them into the depths of space with the goal of blasting those barricaded pigs on the planet surface. Once you get close a planetary body the effects of gravity and momentum will take over sending your birds crashing into the makeshift structures destroying everything in their path along with a few pigs in the process. It’s that simple. Anyone can play this game, but very few can master it.

Along with the usual assortment of raging birds a new bird has joined the flock. Shaped like an ice cube, our new flying friend can freeze anything in it’s path making for some funny moments especially when you have frozen pigs in space. The space eagle also makes an appearance which you can collect or buy them as you progress your way through the game’s 60 levels. The eagle creates a worm hole that sucks up any pigs in the way making passing certain levels a little too easy. Honestly, I think we’re all good enough at this game to not worry about using the eagle. if you have to depend on him just to pass, then Houston we got a problem. Speaking of easy, there’s also the highly visible path arc which can make the game a bit simpler as well taking away some of the challenge. Well you have to make some of the casual players happy right?

Throughout my time with Angry Birds Space I once again realized why this game is so damn addicting. Your always going for that high score and those three stars. Perfection is the goal and you’ll let nothing stand in your way of achieving it. Speaking of achieving, you’ll also find Game Center support with a new set of achievements and online leaderboards. There’s also unlockable bonus levels (which featured a Space Invaders type game) and even a hard mode for a real challenge. Along with all the free updates and new levels down the line, Angry Birds Space will keep you busy for a long time both at home and on the go. Playing on the new iPad 3 in HD is amazing. I also have it on my iPhone 4 and it also plays very well. I will recommend that you download the iOS 5.1 update or else if you haven’t you may run into a little snag or two like the app crashing.

Rovio literally takes Angry Birds to new heights, and once again they’ve exceeded my expectations. Angry Birds Space is addicting fun that never stops from crushing the evil pigs all the way to the king pig himself in epic boss battles. The only question I really have for the development team is how much longer they plan to milk this franchise before the product becomes stale. I almost thought that this would happen, but I was dead wrong. Angry Birds Space is new, innovative, challenging, but most of all it’s fun for everyone. Buy this game right now.