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The Mayan Calendar prophecy predicted the end of the world. Unfortunately the popular readings of cataclysmic destruction from all the so-called scholars were greatly falsified. Worldwide panic set in from the masses except it wasn’t from the hellfire and brimstone. It was the walking dead who become the problem. Zombies have now taken over the city and the battle for survival has begun in Dead Trigger, from Madfinger Games, now available on the iPad and iPhone.

Armed with a Colt M4 assault rifle, my mission was to complete various objectives and make it to the safe zone without getting overrun by the undead. Sometimes I had to eliminate a few zombies, or maybe it was a fetch quest where I collected an item and returned it to a certain location. In between missions I shopped for upgrades and other survival items with the money I earned. Who knew that even during a full scale zombie apocalypse that money was still the driving force that ran the world.

One thing that amazed me while fighting off the undead was how good looking the environment was. Dead Trigger features some awesome visuals as I made my way through open spaces and small corridors as zombies crawled out from crevices or climbed over fences. Good thing there was an explosive barrel or two (easily noticeable due to it’s red color) that made shooting tons of lead not needed at times. Then again running out of ammo was never really a problem.

As for the gameplay, blasting the zombies using the touchscreen controls on iPad was spot on. No lag and no confusion. I was so impressed with the gameplay that I was completely hooked right from the beginning. No zombie was safe from my head shot skills even though there wasn’t any zoom in option with my guns. The touchscreen mechanics in Dead Trigger are fantastic for a FPS game which are on par with another zombie shooter I play on iOS devices, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies.

Sadly, the zombie apocalypse is still not safe from the eventual absurdness of the in-app purchase. With three rounds of zombie terror in the books, I made it to the safe house but my M4 ran out of ammo (all this in a cutscenes of course) and I threw it away. What the fuck was I thinking? All I had left was a little money and the only gun I can afford is a handgun. Now what do I do? Grind my way for a looooong time for a better gun, or spend a little more of my hard earned cash for more credits and good coins to buy better guns when I level up. C’mon Madfinger! A smart solution to that mess would be charging a couple of bucks more for this game and nobody would bitch about it.

Dead Trigger’s zombie apocalypse is amazing. Of course the 99 cent asking price makes this battle for survival even more attractive than it already is. All I can think about while blasting a zombie’s head off was “I can’t believe this is a game on the iPad!” The in-app purchase option sucks, but I wasn’t forced to go that route making for a long grinding game which is still great for my on-the-go lifestyle. With all that said I recommend giving Dead Trigger a run, because blasting zombies is still fun to do, and it might be some good training if a zombie apocalypse ever does happen.

Developer: Madfinger Games
Platform: iPad, iPhone, iOS
Players: 1
Price: $0.99