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So here I am a little over one month removed after making the trade of my 2011 Camaro SS and acquiring the 2012 Camaro ZL1. I must say that I’m really enjoying the ride. The amazing LSA supercharged engine delivering 580 horsepower and 557 lbs of torque makes this car a force to be reckoned with both on the streets and on the track. Now that I’m one month in driving this awesome piece of automotive engineering let me share with you some of my experiences in the ZL1.

First off, I’ve noticed an increased police presence. From the first time I drove my new car home to today I’ve seen more state troopers and local cops on the road both on speed traps or trailing my car hoping to write me a speeding ticket. So far their attempts have failed (knock on wood), but they continue to try. I guess this is what I get for buying a red car. Color makes all the difference and red equals a target to the cops. It’s a lesson learned for me, but to be honest I love the color of the car even if it wasn’t even in my top three colors that I was interested in.

Second, I’ve seen an increased amount of wannabe racers wanting to take me on. It really makes me laugh when someone pulls up in the shitty Honda, rev the engine a few times, and make their challenge to me. Recently at a street light at Port St. Lucie a Honda Civic pulled up to me, rolled down his window, revved the engine, and challenged my ride. All I had to do was rev my engine and I watched the window of the jackass in the Civic quickly roll back up. C’mon people, are you serious! You have no chance. Do me a favor and stop embarrassing yourself.

On a positive note I love all the attention I’ve been getting. Heads are turning everywhere as my car drives on by on Hutchinson Island. Everyone at work asks questions about my car wanting to know about the power and handling. I even take questions from random people at traffic lights who’ve never seen the car before, although I’m sure they’ve seen plenty of Camaros out on the road. I think it’s great that people are so interested making my purchase of the ZL1 even more exciting then the day I rolled out of the dealership.

So what are my plans in the following months. Well I plan to continue to show off my ride in car shows once my time at the St. Lucie outage is over. I joined Space Coast Camaros and plan to attend a few events towards the end of the year so people can get a glimpse of my ride up close. I still can’t get over the fact that I was able to acquire the car I’ve been chasing for months. The Camaro ZL1 is awesome and I just can’t get enough of driving this amazing car and it’s only been one month. I’m sure there will be plenty of adventures down the long road ahead. Now if I can only get the damn weather to cooperate with me when it comes to washing and waxing my car.