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Gravity physics are well done
This game is so addictive
Plenty of free updates down the road

Path arc and Space Eagle makes the game slightly less challenging

Review based on Version 1.0 (iPhone) and HD Version 1.0.1 (iPad 3)

Can you hear that sound America? It’s the sound of lost production in the workplace. People calling in sick. Parents forgetting to pick up the kids from school. Just about everything has shut down. Why? Because of an addiction. An addiction to one of the greatest mobile games of all time. Angry Birds! Now that I have my new iPad 3, I can finally end the search for that first big game to play in glorious HD. Angry Birds Space! Yeah I know that there are so many versions of the popular game along with a few clones, but this new one is different. It’s innovative, challenging, and it’s in space. Yes, even in space nobody can hear a pig scream, but you sure can hear the sounds of cheering birds in the thrill of victory.

Angry Birds Space, from Rovio, is the fourth game in the series which also includes the original, Rio, and Seasons. The first three games felt like more of the same except with different environments along with a new bird or two joining the cast. Rovio felt that it was time for a change. Space becomes the new pig busting frontier. Now the effects of gravity play a key role in success, or hitting the refresh button to start all over again. However, the only thing that will not change is your addiction to these lovable yet angry avian war birds. Let the addictive fun begin…again.

Now I’m sure that everyone is somewhat familiar with how Angry Birds works. For anyone that is new all I have to say is where have you been all this time? You still have the same concept of using your finger to aim a slingshot to propel your birds, but this time you will send them into the depths of space with the goal of blasting those barricaded pigs on the planet surface. Once you get close a planetary body the effects of gravity and momentum will take over sending your birds crashing into the makeshift structures destroying everything in their path along with a few pigs in the process. It’s that simple. Anyone can play this game, but very few can master it.

Along with the usual assortment of raging birds a new bird has joined the flock. Shaped like an ice cube, our new flying friend can freeze anything in it’s path making for some funny moments especially when you have frozen pigs in space. The space eagle also makes an appearance which you can collect or buy them as you progress your way through the game’s 60 levels. The eagle creates a worm hole that sucks up any pigs in the way making passing certain levels a little too easy. Honestly, I think we’re all good enough at this game to not worry about using the eagle. if you have to depend on him just to pass, then Houston we got a problem. Speaking of easy, there’s also the highly visible path arc which can make the game a bit simpler as well taking away some of the challenge. Well you have to make some of the casual players happy right?

Throughout my time with Angry Birds Space I once again realized why this game is so damn addicting. Your always going for that high score and those three stars. Perfection is the goal and you’ll let nothing stand in your way of achieving it. Speaking of achieving, you’ll also find Game Center support with a new set of achievements and online leaderboards. There’s also unlockable bonus levels (which featured a Space Invaders type game) and even a hard mode for a real challenge. Along with all the free updates and new levels down the line, Angry Birds Space will keep you busy for a long time both at home and on the go. Playing on the new iPad 3 in HD is amazing. I also have it on my iPhone 4 and it also plays very well. I will recommend that you download the iOS 5.1 update or else if you haven’t you may run into a little snag or two like the app crashing.

Rovio literally takes Angry Birds to new heights, and once again they’ve exceeded my expectations. Angry Birds Space is addicting fun that never stops from crushing the evil pigs all the way to the king pig himself in epic boss battles. The only question I really have for the development team is how much longer they plan to milk this franchise before the product becomes stale. I almost thought that this would happen, but I was dead wrong. Angry Birds Space is new, innovative, challenging, but most of all it’s fun for everyone. Buy this game right now.

Plays like a combination of Street Fighter and Fatal Fury
The $1.00 price tag is hard to beat

Storylines are boring
It’s more an update to a previous release than a new game

The majority of fighting games on Xbox Live Indie Games absolutely suck. They seem to run very slow and their movements are very clunky and unresponsive. While this is a big disappointment, the release of Battle High: San Bruno changed everything with fast paced gameplay reminiscent of classic fighting games including Street Fighter II and Fatal Fury. After playing the game for a few days, I found Battle High enjoyable and fun. Then I quickly ran back to the Street Fighter games.

Battle High: San Bruno takes the classic fighting formula and makes an entertaining game that old school fighting game fans will enjoy. I will say that this game is not the greatest (it’s actually an update to a previous release), but for the price of only 80 Microsoft Points ($1.00) it’s one hell of a buy that’s worth picking up. With that in mind I suggest you brush up on your quarter circle and other charge up moves.

If your looking for a deep intricate storyline to understand what the hell is goping one and why these teens are fighting one another then Battle High will not impress you. The storyline makes about as much sense as Dragonball Z…seriously! As I was playing the game, I did notice that each of the game’s eight characters have their own intersecting text based story which is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Remember, this is a fighting game so storylines take a huge back seat to all the on screen action.

As for the fighters themselves, Battle High features a cast of eight characters each with their own unique movesets that are a balance between the Street Fighter and Fatal Fury games. While some of the characters are a little “emo” in nature, there were a couple that really stood out. One was the superhero wannabe Arvid, the young Balrog type named H.W. and the Jason Vorhees look-a-like names Bryan who has a special that uses a fire axe and chainsaws. No Camp Crystal Lake this summer for these teens.

If your familiar with the typical controls of the Street Fighter games then you should have no problem with Battle High. Each of the moves are pretty simple to execute and super combos work with little to no effort. You don’t need to be a fighting expert to play this game. Better yet, there’s no need for button mashing either. The game does include a training mode to practice moves and also includes a full moves list in the pause menu in case you have a brainfart.

I mentioned earlier that Battle High: San Bruno is an update to the previous game. New to the update is a change to full widescreen support. This is a nice move, but the action doesn’t really utilize the entire screen. The characters feel so small compared to the large backgrounds. Also added are minigames in between the fights. Those familiar to Street Fighter II will recognize the car smashing and barrel busting games (uses balls here). There’s also a tetherball game for two players that’s pretty unique and fun.

Battle High: San Bruno doesn’t really stand out like all the other fighting games that have crowded the marketplace, but for a game that costs only a dollar it’s hard to pass up. It’a fast and furious action with plenty of cool moves that are simple to pull off. It’s definitely worth a pickup for you and some friends to play for a quick change of pace in between all the bigger and better fighters.

A big thank you goes out to Matthew DeLucas for providing me with a review code for the game. Thanks Matt! BH

Three New Characters & New Game Modes
Online Multiplayer FTW!

Multiplayer is laggy at times
Game feels more like an update

Review Based On Version 1.0

Street Fighter on the iPhone…who would’ve thought that it would work. In the beginning I was skeptical, but when I purchased the game a while back I was amazed withhow well it played. The game controls were so fluid and the graphics looked great. I was so excited since I now I had Street Fighter IV for my on the go lifestyle. Now an updated version of Street Fighter IV is available and the question is whether it will still play as well as the original game. The answer is a resounding YES!

Street Fighter IV Volt (now available in the app store) is basically the iPhone/iPad version of Super Street Fighter IV. The new game features new stages, game modes(including online multiplayer), and of course three new fighters joining the cast (Balrog, Cody, and Vega) bringing the total of fighters to 17. With all that in mind, Street Fighter IV Volt may sound more like an update. In a way I would say that your correct, but then again we all know Capcom’s track record with the Street Fighter series in terms of releasing the same game with upgraded gameplay as well as  a longer title.

So let’s get right to the point. How is the gameplay? Well nothing much has changed in terms of the controls. Then again we’ve all heard the old phrase “If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.” The touchscreen gamepad works extremely well with no signs of hiccups. For a Street Fighter game that is very important considering the very critical nature of the series’ fans who will bitch at the slightest imperfection. As a Street Fighter fan I would react in the same way except not as harsh as others. You also have assists in play (you can turn them on or off on the options screen) when performing Super and Ultra Combos making them easier to perform. With that in mind you’ll get to see all the eye candy associated with them as well the satisfaction of kicking your opponent’s ass especially if you use it as a finisher.

Capcom has listened to all the fans out there after the release of Street Fighter IV and now your biggest request has been answered. Street Fighter IV Volt has online play. With your WiFi connection you can play Street Fighter IV with anyone. You can get challenges anytime especially when your playing in Arcade Mode just like on the consoles. Of course this option can be turned off from the options screen if things get too annoying or if you just don’t have the time. Now you can finally play to see who’s the best in the mobile world. I’ve played the game online and my thoughts on this are a mixed bag. Most of the time I was playing I experienced some noticeable lag which really hurt the game. While this is a big problem to some just remember that this is Apple so you can expect a patch to fix the issue. Did you think I would only give you bad news?

Also new to Street Fighter IV Volt is Wandering Warrior. Just like Ryu would journey the world all David Carradine in Kung Fu you will build your own avatar character through battles with other players either local or online. Success will earn you points that you can use to build up your avatar. Wandering Warrior feels a lot like an RPG with all the leveling up, but it does add a breath of fresh air in between all the fighting. Let’s just say that Wandering Warrior is a pretty cool idea and a lot of fun to tinker around with.

So the big question that’s on your mind is whether Street Fighter IV Volt is worth your hard earned money? Well that depends. If your a big Street Fighter fan then the answer is YES! If you’ve been wanting online multiplayer then the answer is YES! Then again their will be some of you who feel that it takes more than three added charcters and couple of game modes to get you going. If that’s the case then you might want to wait until this game goes on sale. Overall, Street Fighter IV Volt is truly a fun experience that is worth a spot on your iPhone or iPad.