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Gameplay is Good Yet Clunky At Times

Alfred Ashford’s Annoying Voice
Tough Controls
For A Game That Is Supposedly In HD, It Sure Doesn’t Look Like It

More than a decade since it’s original release on the Sega Dreamcast, Resident Evil: Code Veronica has made it’s way to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The game was great back then when I originally played it on the Dreamcast. However, today I don’t feel exactly the same way about the game. Call it a love/hate thing because that’s how gamers are going to react to the new HD version. So let’s go with the perspective that your either going to love the game, or your going to hate it. Most of you, including me, fit in the latter.

Taking on the role of Claire Redfield in the beginning, and Chris Redfield in the second half, Resident Evil: Code Veronica centers more around the inner workings of Umbrella and the Ashford family. There’s a lot of history involved in the intricate plot so expect to learn more about the T-Virus. You can also expect other characters including Resident Evil villain Albert Wesker and a newcomer featuring the Leonardo DiCaprio look-a-like Steve Burnside (I love you Claire). I will tell you that if your a first timer to the game, you’ll find the storyline intriguing. The only thing that will annoy you the most will be Alfred Ashford’s voice. Honestly, all the voice acting is pretty terrible, but Alfred’s will drive you crazy.

So what gameplay can you expect in Code Veronica? Well for one thing you can expect plenty of clunkiness in movement as usual when walking and switching between shooting and escaping zombies. There’s also plenty of puzzle solving situations as well, but don’t expect any real brainteasers. One thing that will frustrate you is the tough controls. Just like the re-release of Resident Evil 4, the long learning controls curve is once again in effect. In due time you’ll get it down and everything should be alright.

Now there is one thing that really bothers me about this re-release. Supposedly, Capcom has mentioned that Resident Evil: Code Veronica X is now in HD. While that sounds great at first, the real problem here is that I don’t see a real difference between this version and the Dreamcast version. To be honest with you, I don’t think anything was done at all. I’m sure that there are some upgrades (probably in the cutscenes), but they aren’t really noticeable. What a shame!

So the big question that I’m sure is on everyone’s mind is whether Resident Evil: Code Veronica X is worth your hard earned dollars. Well I can answer this in two ways. If you’ve never played the game before then I would say “Yes!” As for everyone else…well that all depends upon how much of a Resident Evil fan you are. In other words, it’s a decent game, but it just hasn’t aged very well.